• Research

    The School has dedicated Groups of faculty who undertake research in their focus areas and craft courses for respective specializations in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

  • Groups

    Groups and their focus areas that are currently active in the School are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning

    Deep Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Fuzzy Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Multi-Layer Perceptrons, Cancer Data Analysis

  • Data Science and Analytics

    Predictive Analytics, Software Effort Estimation, Stochastic Data Analysis, Social Web Analytics

  • Network, Mobile Computing and Internet of Things

    Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Mobile Sensing, IoT Analytics, Smart Environment, Extreme Value Analysis, Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy

    Cloud Security, Access Control, Cryptography, Image Forensics, IoT Security

  • Computer Vision and Biometrics

    Document Clustering, Image Processing, 3D Vector Processing

  • Theory and Systems

    Abstract Complexity, Formal Methods