B.A. (Honours) Psychology (3 Years)

  • About the program

    Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope and diverse interests that, when taken together; seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, and all the variety of epiphenomena they manifest.
    As a social science it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.
    BA Hons Psychology in Dehradun covers several areas of the field. The students through this program learn about concepts, theories, strategies and tactics that apply to human behavior. They also gain fundamental training in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Some programs offered at one of the best BA Psychology colleges in Dehradun are concentrated in a relevant field, such as human development or organizational psychology. Furthermore, psychology students are encouraged to engage in research and participate in internships or other hands-on activities. Majoring in Psychology at the bachelor's level can lead to entry-level work in human or social services agencies and prepare students for graduate school.

Duration & Eligibility

B.A. (Honours) (3 Years)

Minimum 50% in XII or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized Board/University/Council

Program Fee Ist Year (2022-23)

Particulars All India Category Uttarakhand/Himalayan State Quota (After 26% Scholarship on Tution Fee)
1st Installment 2nd Installment 1st Installment 2nd Installment
Tution Fee 28,600 28,600 21,160 21,160
Academin Service Fee 21,650 21,650 21,650 21,650
Total 50,250 50,250 42,810 42,810

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Program Highlights

  • Three Year degree course
  • Second university in the region to offer an honors course in Psychology
  • Competitive fee-structure
  • Well-designed curriculum
  • Optimal Teacher-Taught ratio
  • Adequate infrastructure available

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1 To develop psychology graduates possessing advanced knowledge and core skills of application and demonstration.
PEO2 To prepare psychology professionals equipped with competence and ethical integrity.
PEO3 To shape the psychology students personality and demeanor in consonance with the requirements for employability.

Outcomes of the Program

PO1 Domain Knowledge: Enable them to explore and acquire strong theoretical knowledge of basic principles for understanding relevant areas with human concern.
PO2 Research Orientated The course will help students to identify, analyse areas of research and do an independent advance research in the field.
PO3 Reflective Thinking: Synthesis and application of knowledge to specific areas of critical sensibility to live experiences with awareness of both self and society.
PO4 Analytical Reasoning: The students will learn to analyse, recognize and appreciate the ways in which writers use language to achieve a range of effects and be inspired to present an informed and personal response to materials they have studied.
PO5 Creative Ability: The student will learn to create a significant opportunity to provide the research and consultancy facilities to the industries and society in general.

Program Specific Outcome

PSO1 Proficiency in Subject Knowledge Exhibit the basic knowledge in the major area of psychology like cognitive abilities, abnormal psychology, biopsychology, counselling and psychotherapy, developmental psychology, social psychology, personality.
PSO2 Proficiency in Research Acumen Develop fundamental knowledge in research methodology and statistical methods in psychological research and implement the knowledge to solve qualitative and quantitative research problems.
PSO3 Proficiency in Practical Skills Synthesis and demonstration of professional skills in the field of psychology namely areas of organization, clinic, school, hospital etc.
PSO4 Proficiency in Discipline Skills Develop a broad base of knowledge in the various domains of Psychology in order to prepare for post graduate programs in various disciplines of psychology and allied fields with human behavioural element.