Our Eminent Faculty; an educationist, a researcher, and an administrator. The Scholars a DITU are libraries: those of antiquaries, lumber- room; those of sportsmen, kennels; those of epicures, larders and cellars. The believe “ the goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to CREATE the possibilities for a student to invent and discover, to CREATE MEN who are capable of doing new things”.

They are true professionals who have the capacity to raise incisive, difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions that become potential GAME CHANGER. Our Faculty members consider teaching and training of new generation of graduates’ student as their highest calling. They say “Iron sharpens iron; Scholar, the Scholar.”

DITU is gratified to having such acclaimed Masters who relentlessly works in preparing students for life; where focus is on “Whole Education”, more important that knowledge acquired. After an extensive search; the illustrious mentors were a-board DITU to create a next road map for the students. Their top attribute: integrity, commitment & ownership, action orientation & goal seeking, continuous learning, professional knowledge, communication, planning, organizing, quality work, a positive attitude, approachability, responsiveness and Being an Inspiring Reference to Others; are the bench mark for accomplishments.

Faculty members of the University have been granted multiple sponsored research projects to initiate the nucleation of research in different thrust areas of science and technology. Primary outcome of the valuable research work carried out have innumerable articles published in reputed journals, also papers presented in national and international conferences and seminar. The initiation by University to establish NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning) and the IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) narrate the efforts for growth and development.

The Faculty members owns unmatchable career’s in their respective fields. Having an influence of Doctorate from the leading national & international universities of repute, coupled with significant research work. A wide experience of publishing paper in international journals, authoring many books and contribution to magazine and newspaper is commendable. They are lifelong learners and collaborative workers, with passion to a certain that each student gets plenty of opportunities to excel outside 4 walls. They know their purpose of teachings- is uplifting.

Our well know faculty have journeyed far- flung areas and also from outside India, bringing with them the ocean of knowledge. Their multicultural background is cherry to the cake which is bridging the big world. Contemporarily, our esteemed faculty keeps themselves update on all front- ends research and publication in their field of instruction.

Very rightly said-“A Nation Treasure Is in Its Scholar” and we DITU feels delighted to be the contributor to Nation Building through our PEDAGOGS!

Over 400+ faculty put in their heart and soul on daily basis, ensuring to carry out world class education to students. The University delivers equality to both male and female members.

DITU also has a very important section which dedicatedly works for student’s personality development and career guidance. Career Development Cell comes with industry experts of international certification to further direct students on right path. University effectually organizes training program for its employee. Certainly, a professional craves for real feedback! DITU has always valued the importance of sharpening the skillset for its fraternity. A leadership Development Program was carried out by” Dale Carnegie” to empower academicians to hone up their leaderships skillset through regular engagements-:.

  • > Alignment of Organization & Personal Goals
  • > Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • > Work on Group dynamics & Team Building
  • > Capacity Building for multitasking
  • > Time & Stress Management
  • > FDP’s across department
  • > Learning Management System
  • > Leadership Efficiency Acceleration Program
  • > And many more……

The faculty is continuously engaged with various FDP’s carried out across departments and university levels.

Student Induction Program in collaboration with AICTE & IIT BHU organized by DIT University from 18th to 20th June, 2018. It had a total no of 41 participants. These induction programs assist the environment operators in sensitizing towards exploring academic curricula.

The University ensures that all the faculty’s contribute and attend maximum development programs internally as well as externally.

Increasing our learning curve, in 2019 multiple Training sessions were hosted to provide a better insight and also to keep pace with the fast growing world. An FDP on Integration of Best International Pedagogical Practices to Indian Higher Education System by Pharmacy Department of DIT University was conducted.

Leadership Efficiency Acceleration Program - LEAP was organized by the Training and Development department of DIT on 8th and 9th March, 2019. The major focus of this program was to recognize and develop the hidden leadership qualities and also to create a positive ecosystem.

Faculty Development Programme-Implementation of Moodle Learning Management System was conducted on 29-Nov-19; a learning management system (LMS) is a software application or Web based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, a learning management system provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student’s participation, and assess student performance. Blended learning is where teachers and students meet physically, but the LMS is used to support learning by providing a space where materials can be stored and organized, assessments can be given, and students and teachers can interact using blogs, forums, and so on.

The faculty at DIT University have been outgoing and are in constant search of excellence. Many of our distinguished faculty have garnered prestigious awards in the field of science, technology, design, architecture, pharmacy, social sciences and liberal arts.

A few of our stars are; Dr. Sandeep Sharma is awarded as “Best Faculty Award by Wadhwani Foundation”, Mr. Ajay Shankar has been awarded “The Campus Connect Infosys Faculty Excellence Award Gold Medal”. Ms. Garima Verma won the “Best Paper Award by World Academy of Science & Technology, Phuket, Thailand”, Ar. Sathuri Surya Rajiv was awarded the First prize in the Category of Industrial Design in the ADI International Design Competition for the Design of Care-S Wheelchair cum Stretcher by ADI Design Awards, Dr. Manoj Kumar was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer certificate by Elsevier, Dr. Manmohan Singhal was awarded the Young Scientist Award, by LOQMAN AWARD, supported by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, MSME, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India and many more !!