B.A. in English - 3 Yrs.

B.A. English (3 Years)

  • About the program

    B.A. English (3 Year) is designed to deliver knowledge of various genres of literature in English, focusing on literary works and theories produced across the globe. It covers the canon of English literature, Indian English Literature, American Literature, Canadian literature, African Literature, and, also, Linguistics and Communication Skills, for the literary and language competence of the students. Besides, the program provides an opportunity for the students to sharpen their communication skills and language proficiency using Language Lab, equipped with iTell Orell software. The students are provided with individual mentors from the English faculty, who have received their Ph.Ds. from reputed institutions in India and abroad, and, have many years of teaching, research, and industry experience. Following the National Education Policy of 2020, students enrolled for the B.A. English Degree can choose from different minors like Linguistics and Psychology etc.
    The English curriculum at DIT University offers students an opportunity to explore the core theories of Language, Literature, Culture and Media Studies. The program is designed to train students who aspire to pursue higher education in Language, Linguistics, Literature, Culture and Media Studies. The curriculum also focuses on building the required skills for students looking to be employed in research, academia, script/content writing, publication houses, translation etc. The program's interdisciplinary nature allows the students to choose various non-literary electives from allied departments of Psychology and Economics to add to their skill set. Emphasis is laid on developing the student's analytical, writing, communication, and critical thinking skills so that they are ready for the job right after graduation.
    On completion of the B.A. English (3 Year) students will be able to:
    • • Understand and apply core literary, language and cultural theory in professional context
    • • Pursue a Master's degree from the top institutions in the World
    • • Open their own start-ups like publication, editing and content/script writing
    • • Access Freelance Research and job opportunities
    • • Appear for competitive examinations conducted by various Government bodies

Duration & Eligibility

B.A. (Honours) (3 Years)

Passed 10+2 examination with 50% aggregate marks

Program Fee Ist Year (2024-25)

Particulars All India Category Uttarakhand/Himalayan State Quota (After 26% Scholarship on Tution Fee)
1st Semester 2nd Semester 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Tution Fee 28,600 28,600 21,164 21,164
Academin Service Fee 21,650 21,650 21,650 21,650
Total 50,250 50,250 42,814 42,814

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Program Highlights

  • Well-designed curriculum
  • Qualified faculty
  • Develop linguistic & analytical skills, creative & communication skills
  • Enable the students to appreciate literature & present an informed response to it
  • Prepare students for higher education program across the world
  • Optimal Teacher-Taught ratio

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1 To enrich the knowledge in the study of English to gain an understanding of the literature across the world as a reflection of the society it is born in.
PEO2 To provide an introductory exposure to methods and methodologies in literary, cultural and historical domains to explore wider universal issues for better understanding of themselves and the world around them and to apply the knowledge for further research.
PEO3 The ability to understand the complex dynamics of literary genres with critical, aesthetic, and ethical sensitivity.

Outcomes of the Program

PO1 Domain Knowledge: To enable them to explore and acquire strong theoretical knowledge of basic principles for understanding relevant areas with human concern.
PO2 Research Orientated The course will help students to identify, analyse areas of research and do an independent advance research in the field.
PO3 Analytical reasoning: The students will learn to analyse, recognize and appreciate the ways in which writers use language to achieve a range of effects and be inspired to present an informed and personal response to materials they have studied.

Program Specific Outcome

PSO1 Proficiency in understanding Literary Genres: To provide an introductory exposure to methods and methodologies in literary genres. An understanding of literal and implicit meaning, relevant contexts and of the deeper themes or attitudes that may be expressed.
PSO2 Proficiency in Practical Approach To provide an introductory exposure to methods and methodologies in literary, cultural and historical domains to explore and understand wider universal issues.