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Centre of Innovation, Incubation, Entrepreneurship & Start-up (CIIES), is set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the Faculty, Staff, Research Scholars, Students at DIT University and startup from vicinity. To accomplish its goal, CIIES runs and manages an Institution Innovation Council, Intellectual Property Right Cells and Technology Business Incubator at DIT University, Dehradun.



    To promote innovation and convert into technology based entrepreneurship among the Faculty, Staff, Research Scholars, Students at DIT University and creating value added jobs & services.



    To provide ecosystem and infrastructure for the startups to make sustainable, scalable and profitable Business.

Upcoming Events


Events and Announcements

Activity Number Activity Date(DD/MM/YYYY)
January 2021
138 Launchpad Program: Business Lean Canvas/Business Model Canvas Taranjeet sir and Mentorship session 02/01/2021 and 04/01/2021
139 IIC Council Meeting for Q3 04/01/2021
140 Faculty Development Program on Contribution of Faculty in Creating Entrepreneurship and Start-up Ecosystem in the University 09/01/2021
141 Toycathon events 2020-21 11/01/2021 to 19/01/2021
142 Launchpad Program: Design Thinking and Mentoring Session  12/01/2021
143 Semester Break : Internship at startup  
144 ENTREMANIA – Entrepreneur's Meet by AISESC in collaboration with DIT University 23/01/2021 to 24/01/2021
February 2021
145 Startup Show at DIT University 11/02/2021 to 13/02/2021
146 Angel Investment/VC funding opportunity for Early-stage Entrepreneurs  by SK Sharma 19/02/2021
147 "Masterclass on "Facilities at Incubation Centre, setting up of policies / processes / operations and acceleration programs" for the Incubator by Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar" 24/02/2021
March 2021
148 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp at Government Polytechnic Aamwala 04/03/2021 to 06/03/2021
149 How to pitch your Idea by Priyanka Madnani -Launchpad Program 08/03/2021
150 Women Entrepreneurship Awareness and Capacity Building Programme to inspire and motivate Women for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-up 08/03/2021
151 IP Valuation and Licensing Technique -Panel Discussion 10/03/2021
152 Mentorship Session for Innovators and Student Entrepreneurs through  Innovation Ambassadors 10/03/2021 to 12/03/2021
153 Marketing and growth strategy for Startup- Designing & Validating the Business & Revenue Model, Marketing Strategy Development & Marketing Tools. Business for successful startup with TiE 12/03/2021
154 Final Pitching session -Launchpad Program by Mr. U C Agarwal, Dr. Neeraj Sethiya,Mr. Vivek Shukla and Mr. Taranjeet Singh 13/03/2021
155 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp  at DIT University 18/03/2021 to 20/03/2021
156 Meeting of DIT-Innovation and Startup Policy held on 31st March 2021 31/03/2021
April 2021
157 Session on "From your PhD masters thesis to a start-up" by Innovation Cell , MoE 23/04/2021
158 Session on why IP is important in academia by Innovation Cell , MoE 26/04/2021
159 Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) &IP Management for Start up by Shri. Somitra Kumar (Advocate and Registered Patent agent) 26/04/2021
160 One day virtual national seminar on intellectual property rights 26/04/2021
161 Meeting: Fourth Institution Innovation Council Meeting on 29th April 2021 29/04/2021
162 Session on "How to plan for startup legal and ethical steps" 30/04/2021
May 2021
163 Role of Social Media in Entrepreneurship & Startup by Ravi Kumar 02/05/2021
164 First Innovation Ambassador Meeting 06/05/2021
165 First CIIES Faculty Members Team Meeting 07/05/2021
166 Session on accelerators/ incubation Opportunities for students and faculties and Early-stage Entrepreneurs by Mr. Sumit Srivastawa in DIT Univesrity 08/05/2021
167 Session on accelerators/ incubation -Opportunities for students and faculties and Early-stage Entrepreneurs by Mr. U C Agarwal at DSCSITSC 14/05/2021
168 Session on Prototype validation - An opportunity to learn how to convert prototypes into startup 15/05/2021
169 Session on Lean Startup & Minimum Viable Product 21/05/2021
Activity Number Activity Date
November 2019
1 Progress Monitoring and Upload of 2nd Quarter Action Plan with MOM 23/11/2019
2 E-Summit 24/01/2020
3 Idea Submission for the Launch of 5G Hackathon by Department of Telecommunications 27/01/2020 to 29/01/2020
4 Impact Lecture Series-Lecture I (IPR) 01/02/2020
5 Impact Lecture Series-Lecture 2 (IPR) 08/02/2020
6 National Science Day 28/02/2020
7 Seminar on Entrepreneurship & Startup 29/02/2020
APRIL 2020
8 Leadership Talk with Mr. Abhishek Suryawanshi 07/04/2020
9 Leadership Talk with Prof. K Vijay Raghavan 08/04/2020
10 Leadership Talk with Prof. Anil D.Sahasrbudhe, Chairman, AICTE 09/04/2020
11 Leadership Talk with Prof. Partha Chakraborty, Chairman National Digital Library,Ex-Director, IIT Kharagpur 10/04/2020
12 Online Workshop on IPR 10/04/2020 to 11/04/2020
13 Leadership Talk with Mr.Abhishek Singh,CEO, My Gov 11/04/2020
14 Progress Monitoring and Upload of 3rd Quarter Action Plan 13/04/2020
15 Leadership Talk with Dr. VK Saraswat, NITI Aayog. 13/04/2020
16 MHRD online challenge "SAMADHAN" 14/04/2020
17 LeadershipTalk with Dr. Anand Deshpande 14/04/2020
18 Leadership Talk is with Ms. Shradha Sharma, Founder, and Chief Editor, 15/04/2020
19 Leadership Talk with Dr. VinaySahasrabudhe, President, ICCR 16/04/2020
20 Minutes of Meeting (Draft formats for Patent (s) filing of DITU faculty teams) 16/04/2020
21 Leadership Talk with Mr. Ronnie Screwvala 17/04/2020
22 Leadership Talk with Prof. K.K Aggarwal, National Board of Accreditation (NBA), Govt. of India 18/04/2020
23 Leadership Talk with Mr. Yashraj Bhardwaj, Co-Founder, Zenith Vipers & Partner Ensure Equity 20/04/2020
24 Leadership Talk with Dr.GurungDeshpande,Indian-American Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur 21/04/2020
25 Leadership Talk with Padma Shri, Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India 22/04/2020
26 First Webinar of IIC, CIIES on How to plan for Start-up and legal and Ethical Steps 22/04/2020
27 Leadership Talk with Mr. GautamBambawale 23/04/2020
28 Third Webinar of IIC, CIIES on World IP Day 26/04/2020
29 Leadership Talk with Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy 27/04/2020
30 Leadership Talk with Ms. Anu Acharya, (Winner of Young Entrepreneur Award by World Economic Forum) 28/04/2020
31 Online Session on National Innovation and Startup Policy 28/04/2020
32 Second Webinar of Institutional Innovation Council, CIIES on Hangout with Successful Start-ups 29/04/2020
33 Online Session on Role and Importance of Pre-Incubators, Incubators and Accelerators in HEIs 29/04/2020
34 Online Session on Hangout with Emerging Innovator & Entrepreneurs Supported through MIC & AICTE 30/04/2020
MAY 2020
35 Online Session on Role of Network Enablers in driving I&E in HEIs 01/05/2020
36 Leadership Talk Series with Dr. MadhuriKanitkar and Dr. Abhay Jere 02/05/2020
37 Online Session by Dr. Pankaj Parashar (CEO/Founder Cutting edge Technology Pvt. Ltd., Indore) on Hangout 04/05/2020
38 Minutes of Meeting and Attendance Sheet 04/05/2020
39 Online Session on Entrepreneurship, Business Idea and Business Model Canavas 05/05/2020
40 Online Session on How to Identify Right Problem and Solution using the Double Diamond Approach in Design 06/05/2020
41 Online Session on Intellectual Property (IP) Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-ups 07/05/2020
42 Online Session on Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding - What is there for Early Stage innovator & Entrepreneurs 08/05/2020
43 Fourth Webinar of IIC, CIIES on Post Covid Startup Scenario 08/05/2020
44 Leadership Talk with Prof. DP Singh, Chairman, UGC and Dr. Abhay Jere 09/05/2020
45 Online Session on Legal and Ethical Steps - Productive Entrepreneurship and Startup 12/05/2020
46 Online Session on Innovating Self- Screen and Identify right opportunities 13/05/2020
47 Online Session Marketing Research at Idea to Start up Stage - Foundation Level 14/05/2020
48 Online Session on Innovation Risk Diagnostic Product Innovation Rubric (PIR) 15/05/2020
49 Leadership Talk Series with Dr. Pramod Chaudhari and Dr. Abhay Jere 16/05/2020
50 Online Session on Idea, Business Model and Business Plan. 19/05/2020
51 Online Session on Use of Market Data and Application of Marketing Research Tools and Methodology 20/05/2020
52 Online Session by Dr. Raman Gujaral on Frugal Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship 21/05/2020
53 Online Session with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs Emerged from Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 22/05/2020
54 Fifth Webinar of IIC, CIIES on Creation and Implementation of IPR in University 22/05/2020
55 Leadership talk with Shri Mahesh Babu and Dr. Abhay Jere 23/05/2020
56 Leadership Talk with Dr. Nilesh K Oak and Dr. Abhay Jere 30/05/2020
JUNE 2020
57 Leadership talk with Ms. Ashwini Deshpande and Dr Abhay Jere 06/06/2020
58 Sixth Webinar of IIC, CIIES on Global Incubation Meet in collaboration with start-up Buddy. 06/06/2020
59 Leadership talk with Shri. R. Subrahmanyam, IAS and Dr Abhay Jere 13/06/2020
60 Seventh Webinar of IIC, CIIES on Role of Faculty in Entrepreneurship and Startup by Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain 16/06/2020
61 Eight Webinar IIC, CIIES on Creation and management of IPR in university 18/06/2020
62 Webinar on Research to Rupees through Innovation and Startup: A way Ahead 19/06/2020
63 Leadership talk with Mr. Shridhar Venkat and Dr. Abhay Jere 20/06/2020
64 Ninth Webinar of IIC, CIIES on Role of Institutional Innovation Council in university 23/06/2020
65 Leadership talk with Shri Dipendra Manocha and Dr. Abhay Jere 27/06/2020
JULY 2020
66 Drug Discovery Hackathon Inauguration 02/07/2020
67 Drug Discovery Hackathon Brief 07/07/2020
68 Leadership talk with Mr Shashi Shekharand Dr. Abhay Jere 11/07/2020
69 Leadership talk with Shri Anand Mahindra and Dr. Abhay Jere 18/07/2020
70 Tenth Webinar of IIC, DIT TBI and CIIES in collaboration with startup Uttarakhand on Pharmaceutical Innovation: A Step towards Making Atma-Nirbhar Bharat 20/07/2020
71 Eleventh Webinar of IIC, DIT TBI and CIIES on Entrepreneurship and Start-up Initiative 23/07/2020
72 Organized online CIIES student club functions 25/07/2020
73 Expert Talk during FDP Organized by RIPER, Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh on Innovation and startup in Higher Education: A way to achieve creativity and entrepreneurship 27/07/2020
74 Presentation at 12th IQAC Meeting 31/07/2020
75 Meeting with Students Club 04/08/2020
76 NISP Implementation Inauguration Programme by IC-MHRD 05/08/2020
77 Nodal Agencies Startup Uttarakhand Application Submission 05/08/2020
78 Rescheduled NISP Implementation webinar by IC-MHRD 07/08/2020
79 Masterclass on Legal and tax aspects of setting up and managing incubator organized by Government of Uttarakhand Startup Uttarakhand 07/08/2020
80 Induction Program for Students Club with Director,CIIES 08/08/2020
81 Entrepreneurship and Startup University Course Implementation Meeting 10/08/2020
82 Mentors Hour on progress review of DIT-TBI by Startup Uttarakhand cell 11/08/2020
83 FDP of School of Engineering and Technology 11/08/2020
84 Graphic Design Workshop (In-House Skill development) 13/08/2020
85 Social Media Marketing Workshop (In-House Skill development) 16/08/2020
86 Induction Programme about CIIES to Students taken Admission in DIT through webinar entitled as “Embark your successful Entrepreneurship Journey" 18/08/2020-19/08/2020
87 Webinar on “Entrepreneurship for Millennials" 21/08/2020
88 NISP Implementation webinar by IC-MHRD 21/08/2020
89 Email Marketing Workshop (In-House Skill development) 22/08/2020
90 Content-Writing Workshop (In-House Skill development) 23/08/2020
91 Webinar on “Campus to Corporate" 25/08/2020
92 Membership Drive for all the students 17/08/2020-25/08/2020
93 Meeting with honourable Vice Chancellor 25/08/2020
94 Incubator Coffee Roundtable with Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar 28/08/2020
95 Web Development (In-House Skill development) 29/08/2020
96 Meeting with Students club 02/09/2020
97 Meeting with Students club on Website development and pre incubation and incubation 04/09/2020
98 Live webcast IBM National webinar by Dr. Abhay Jere 04/09/2020
99 "Vimarsh" in collaboration with Startup Chaupal 12/09/2020
100 Engineers Day Programme 15/09/2020
101 Webinar on Fund Raising for Startups 18/09/2020
102 Meeting with Students Club 29/09/2020
103 Online Training Session on Legal, Ethical Steps and IPR for Start-ups 09/10/2020
104 Launch of KAPILA: Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness & Inauguration of Intellectual Property Literacy Week 15/10/2020
105 Annual performance card 2019-20 15/10/2020
106 Importance of Maharshi Bharadwaj IP Literacy Initiative 16/10/2020
107 Importance and scope of IPR in Academic Researches 16/10/2020
108 Lateral Thinking - How to generate revolutionary ideas ! 19/10/2020
109 Encourage student/ faculty/ staffs to write case studies/articles regarding Innovation & Intellectual Property, entrepreneurial culture 19/10/2020
110 Seeding Ideas to Harvesting Innovation for Social Good : Role of Intellectual Property Rights and IP Clinic 20/10/2020
111 Short video on best innovative practices/innovation and incubation facilities existing in campus to support student regarding innovation, Intellectual Property and entrepreneurship. 20/10/2020
112 Building IP, Innovation Ecosystem in Academic Institutions and IP Clinic 21/10/2020
113 Prior Art Search & Patent drafting Key Insights and IP Clinic 22/10/2020
114 Patent Filing Process and Feedback Suggestions of one week Program 23/10/2020
115 My Story - Motivation session by Nupur Agarwal 29/10/2020
116 First IIC Council Meeting 29/10/2020
117 Higher Education Summit by Innvocon 31/10/2020
118 Launchpad Programme Saurabh Shukla, SC Nautiyal and Taranjeet singh 02/11/2020
119 Problem solving and Ideation workshop Taranjeet Singh and Umesh Agarwal 02/11/2020
120 Activity of Call for paper 02/11/2020
121 Session on Indian Knowledge System (IKS) - MIC Driven Activity 03/11/2020
122 Business Plan for Successful startup by Sumit Srivastava 06/11/2020
123 Vimarsh 2.0 by Startup Chaupal 07/11/2020
124 NISP Implmentation Policy 10/11/2020
125 Webinar on Designing Drug for Coronavirus Hosted by MIC-AICTE 12/11/2020
126 Thrive by Mcats -Outreach partner Sushil Sharma  
"How to create an investor ready Pitch Deck" & "How to Create a Financial Model"
26/11/2020 to 27/11/2020
128 Toolkit for Idea Generation & Brainstorming 28/11/2020
129 Mentoring Sessions 30/11/2020
130 2nd IIC Council Meeting 02/12/2020
131 Session on Identifying Intellectual Property Components at the Early Stage of Innovation by Shri Sharana Gouda (Indian Patent Office, Chennai) 05/12/2020
132 Idea Validation and Evaluation Framework by Alisha Maindoliya(Founder of mulya creation ) 05/12/2020
133 Mentoring sessions related to Idea Validation and Evaluation Framework 06/12/2020
134 Live Orientation Session on "National Education Policy" with a focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Dr. Vipin Kumar (Director and Chief Innovation Officer,National Innovation Foundation-India 12/11/2020
135 Understanding Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and role of Academic Institutions in Creating and Protecting Innovations by Shri Naveen Varma (Patent Attorney at Zeus IP and Associates) 15/12/2020
136 Orientation Session on National Innovation and Startup Policy by Mr. U C Agarwal and Dr. Neeraj Sethiya 24/12/2020
137 Idea/ PoC pitching & validation and Institute level PoC competition. Submission of Idea/PoC on IIC Portal 23/12/2020 to 30/12/2020
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    Total designated area for CIIES is 5700 Sq. Ft. This area will develop to create a latest facility and support for Innovation, Incubation, Entrepreneurship and Startup from students, faculty, staff and peoples from vicinity.

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