Labs-Department of Pharmacy

Lab-Department of Pharmacy

  • The Faculty of Pharmacy at DIT University has excellent Pharmacy setup that allows the students to get a better grasp of the subjects.

    Prime focus is always laid on research as this sole factor shall contribute greatly towards a successful career ahead. This is achieved by numerous state-of-the-art labs supported by well trained lab technicians where students get to perform Practicals under guidance of experienced Faculty.

    1. Pharmaceutics labs
    2. Pharmacology labs
    3. Biotechnology labs
    4. Pharmaceutical Analytical labs
    5. Sophisticated AC Instrumentation Room
    6. Medicinal Chemistry labs
    7. Machine room
    8. Medicinal garden
  • Pharmaceutics Labs

    The institute is having five pharmaceutics labs including AC instrumentation lab and machine room. All labs are well equipped with sophisticated instruments including UV spectrophotometer, HPLC, multi-station Franz diffusion cell assembly, Brookfield Viscometer, 12station Tablet Compression Machine, I-disso Electrolab etc.

    The objectives of these labs is to provide practical exposure to the budding pharmacists on Physical Pharmaceutics, Manufacturing Operations, Preformulation Screening Tests, Designing Evaluation and Pharmacokinetic study of solid, liquid, semisolid dosage forms including Novel Drug Delivery Systems like ocular, nasal, transungual, transmucosal, translabial, transnabhi, soft palatal drug delivery systems etc. which curtail the drug dose and minimizes the drug adverse reactions with excellent patient compliance.

  • Pharmacognosy Labs

    The Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology Labs are equipped with Autoclaves, BOD Incubators, Microtome Blade and Laminar Air Flow etc.

    The primary objective of these labs is to provide practical exposure to Undergraduates and Research Students on Tissue Culture Techniques, Sterilization Techniques including Antibiotic Assay, Microbial Screening, etc.

  • Pharmacology Labs

    Two Pharmacology Labs are well equipped with Rotarod, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Convulsiometer, Analgesiometer and Software’s for performing practical’s etc.

  • Medicinal Chemistry Labs

    Three Medicinal Chemistry Labs are well equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC (Agilent), UV Spectrophotometer 1800 (Shimadzu), Karl Fischer Titrator, Gel Electrophoresis (Genei) etc.

    The students will be exposed to analyze the organic and inorganic compounds as per Pharmacopoeial Standards along with practical experience for synthesizing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients etc.

  • Herbal Garden

    Keeping pace with the changing times in the field of medicinal plants, the Department maintains a Herbal Garden with several species of Medicinal Plants. The students get a first-hand experience regarding Identification of Medicinal Plants & herbs, with Cultivation & Collection techniques.

  • Animal House

    An independent, air conditioned animal house facility is available at the faculty of Pharmacy. It is registered with CPCSEA (Reg No.1156/ac/07/CPCSEA)