Intellectual Property Rights Cell



    To ignite the creative minds and promote innovation in cutting edge technologies to meet social and global needs.



    Identification of the strength areas at DIT university for writing Patents
    To bring awareness among the stakeholders about advantages and benefits of IPR through expert discussions and lectures.
    Harnessing the existing expertise and knowledge in DIT University campus and collaborate with peers


Team Members

Name of Members Department/School
Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sethiya CIIES
Dr. Havagiray Chitme CSE/SOC
Dr. Pankaj Chamoli Physics
Dr. Fateh Singh Mathematics
Dr. Bharti Sharma MCA & BCA/SOC
Mr. Chirag Joshi CSE/SOC
Mr. Diwaker CSE/SOC
Dr. Mansha Swami Civil Engineering
Dr. Tapas Dora P&ES
Mr. Rakesh Pandey P&ES
Dr Naveen Singhal Chemistry
Dr. Md Habban Akhter Pharmacy
Mr. Samir Bhargava Pharmacy
Dr. Sharad Visht Pharmacy
Mr. Jai P Agrawal ME
Dr. Santosh Kumar EECE
Dr. Kuldeep Choudhary EECE


  • Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Inspire Faculties and students
  • Idea Refinement
  • Plugging the Gaps
  • Security to students Inventions
  • Attract potential buyers for Innovative work 
  • Financial support in Filing IPR
  • Guidance and consultancy for Patent/ IPR

IPR Support

  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • National Biodiversity Approval"

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