Career Development Centre

  • Vision: Nourishing young adults for life through Cognitive approach and Optimizing Potential.

    Mission: To put our students first and work responsibly with honesty, transparency and integrity to influence, inspire and nurture talent for our students, and the members of faculty and staff. To encourage creative ability and research temperament. To provide knowledge based technological services for industry and society. To synergize the teaching learning process through active interaction with industry and academia whilst embracing modern technological changes.

    Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” With the Vision of: - Nurturing young adults for life through Cognitive approach and Optimizing Potential Career Development program, through which the cell intends to help students and be a single point of contact and source for guidance.

    Our primary focus areas are Campus Recruitment Training (CRT), Collaboration with Placement Cell, Career Services, Certification and Skills and Faculty Development Program to name a few. I order to cater to the following, we are following a three tier approach where the Personality Development Program and the Campus Recruitment Programs forms a strong foundation as the first tier, under the arch of second tier, that is, competitive exams which include CAT/ GATE/ GRE/ GMAT/ UPSC/ DEFENCE/ BANKING and so on. These tiers are backed up by the third one, which is Faculty Development Program, which builds up on each other by supporting each other.

  • Our Core Values

    • Academic excellence and integrity.
    • Integration of human values, ethics and professional etiquettes with teaching.
    • Outstanding teaching and service.
    • Encourage quest of life-long learning.
    • Scholarly research and professional leadership.
    • Inculcating global perspective in attitude.
    • Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.
    • Sensitivity to social responsibility.
  • Though this program we also intend to reach students who are aiming at competitive exams and provide the coaching and guidance for the same. We have integrated course module developed which are of 200 Hours for CAT students, 360 Hours for GATE students, defined modules for education overseas and also 350 Hours for other government jobs entrance exams.

  • Our objective is to develop domain experts in each branch and assist all the students in an overall development. To add on a lot of technical short-term courses for skill development are also imbibed in the program.

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