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Lab-Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies


    The academic activities of the department includes a number of laboratory modules conducted in specialized laboratories.

  • Drilling Fluid and Cements Lab

    Drilling Fluid and Cements Lab is equipped with various equipment to demonstrate different properties of drilling fluids and cements used in drilling operations.

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  • Laboratories
  • Petroleum Product Testing Lab

    Petroleum Product Testing Lab provides academic and research services through performing all lab tests needed for analysis and study of petroleum products characteristics and its properties.

  • Laboratories
  • Unit Operation Lab

    Unit Operation Lab has different equipment to demonstrate the processes of diffusion, distillation, extraction, fluidization and absorption processes etc.

  • Reservoir Engineering Lab

    Reservoir Engineering Lab consists of equipment used in the related of petro physical properties of rock and reservoir fluid properties.

  • Geology Lab

    The geology lab is used for experiments related to crystallography and mineralogy. State-of-the-art facilities are also available for experiments on petroleum geology.

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  • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab

    A basic knowledge of Fluid Mechanics is essential for all the petroleum engineers as they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids, transportation of fluids etc. This laboratory is used for experimentation on the behavior of fluids.

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  • Heat Transfer Lab

    Heat Transfer Lab has various heat transfer equipment to demonstrate the different modes of heat transfer and evaporation processes.

  • Surveying Lab

    Surveying Lab is used for surveying exercises and is equipped with all latest instrumentation viz levels, total stations, and GPS receivers sets for conducting ground surveying works.

  • Computer Lab

    The computer lab is equipped with MATLAB software and is extensively used for modeling and simulation. The knowledge gained in the lab eventually equips the students to provide quality service once employed in the industry.

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