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Lab-School of Architecture & Planning


AutoCAD Lab

  • The Faculty of Architecture and Design at DIT has a state-of-art computer lab with 40 large screen computers with licensed software. Other peripherals linclude plotters, printers, scanners, projectors and reprographic machines.

    The systems are installed with Windows XP Professional. The Application softwares available are AutoCAD, Revit 2008, Adobe Photoshop and ArchiCAD 9.

  • AutoCAD Lab
  • AutoCAD Lab
  • Survey Lab

    The survey lab is used for surveying exercises and is equipped with all latest instrumentation viz levels, total stations, and GPS receivers sets for conducting ground surveying works.These are critical to a comprehensive Architectural Education.

  • AutoCAD Lab
  • Central Workshop

    We have the state of the art facilities in central workshop with Machine shop, Engine Lathe, Center Lathe, Carpentry shop. Fitting shop. Foundry, Fabrication shop, Welding Shop.

  • Model-making workshop

    An Architect has to not only design a building in two dimensions, but has to understand the third dimension of this built form as well and thus making models is a critical component of Architectural education. The Department has a Model making workshop which compliments the Central Workshop and provides the students with the necessary tools and skills needed for his course.

  • AutoCAD Lab
  • Art Studio

    To facilitate the development of the visual skills and imagination of students, the Faculty of Architecture and Design has a fully furnished Art Studio where they can explore and experiment with various materials and media.

  • Climatology Lab

    Architecture is closely linked to the natural world. A study in Architecture would be incomplete without understanding the geographical and climatological phenomena. To facilitate this, the Faculty of Architecture and Design has an equipped Climatology Lab with the instruments and facilities needed to ensure that the students are trained and competent to handle this aspect of the profession as well.

  • AutoCAD Lab
  • AutoCAD Lab
  • AutoCAD Lab
  • AutoCAD Lab
  • Departmental Library

    Besides the Central Library, the Department has an extensive in-house library that caters to the specifics of Architectural Education. It has 1200 titles, more than 5000 volumes and 36 national and international journals. The Library also subscribes to the EBESCO Online Data Base. The Library also provides a Resource Centre where previous years Theses and Reports, as well as Documentation work available for ready reference.

  • Studios

    Architecture education is a hands-on process and besides the theoretical inputs, a lot of learning happens by doing. To facilitate this, the Department has dedicated studios for each year, which are where the maximum time of an architecture student is spent and where she learns the most.

  • AutoCAD Lab
  • Construction Yard

    Practice and experiential learning are critical to a robust Architectural pedagogy. At the DIT University campus, a dedicated construction yard where the students learn by doing, is an integral part of the education process.