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Lab-Department of Electrical and Electronics & Communication Engineering


  • The department consists of ten labs which are well equipped with modern instruments, so that the students can understand the practical aspects of the subjects studied by them and make them employable for industries.

  • Laboratories
  • Laboratories
  • Project Lab

    Project lab aims to enable the students to get familiar and experience various electronics and electrical hardware tools through hands-on mode. Here students learn to work with basic circuit designing equipment like soldering iron, drilling machine, component selection and mounting and will end this lab in a project module. This lab is also about testing the circuits, troubleshooting the working errors and studying their computational complexities. The high-end lab facilities in project lab consists of PCB Prototype Machine, 20 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser, Wireless In-site Pro Module, Academic License of MATLAB.

    Developing the solid foundations in the basic concepts of electronics and electronics components, their specification and circuit designing. Thus, to train the students how to select components for a desired circuit, study data sheets and design circuits in hardware.

  • Laboratories
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

    It is common to all engineering students of first year to understand them about the basic concepts of various types of machines, generations of electricity, transmission and its distribution. In this lab students of first year perform experiments related to topics taught in theory like superposition theorem, nortons theorem, thevenin’s theorem, open circuit and short circuit test of single phase transformers, speed control technique of DC machine, speed reversal of induction motor etc.

    This lab consist of

    1. DC motor
    2. Three phase induction motor
    3. Single phase transformer
    4. Nortan theorem trainer kit
    5. Thevenin theorem trainer kit
    6. Maximum power theorem trainer kit
    7. Single phase energy meter
  • Electrical Machines Lab

    This lab consist of number of machines on which students of second and third year perform experiments related to topics taught in theory.

    This lab consist of:

    1. dc.machine-3kW, 230 volt, 1500 rpm, 16 A, wound-shunt
    2. alternator-2 kVA, 1500 rpm, 415 ac, 220 volt dc, 2.8 amp, pf-0.8
    3. DC shunt machines 3 HP, 220 V, 11 A, 1500 r.p.m.
    4. Three phase induction motor 5 HP 415 V, 6 A, 1440 r.p.m
    5. Single Phase transformer 2 kVA, 230/230 V
    6. Synchronizing panel for alternator
    7. DC starter
    8. Autotransformer
    9. Rectifier for three phase AC to DC conversion
  • Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

    This lab consists of experiments related to measurement like Owens bridge, Wheatstone bridge, Kelvin’s double bridge, RTD, thermocouple, thermistor, etc. on which students performed experiments related to topics taught in theory and learn how to compute electrical quantities in different type of industries.

  • This lab consist of

    1. Anemometer
    2. Strain gauge
    3. Load cell
    4. Resistance temperature detector kit
    5. Electromagnetic pickup transducer
    6. LVDT transducer kit
    7. Thermocouple kit
    8. Owen Bridge
    9. Schering bridge
  • Laboratories
  • Laboratories
  • Networks Lab

    This lab consists of various type of instruments which helps the student to understand electrical network problem solving methods experimentally.

  • Laboratories
  • Control System Lab

    This lab consists of experiments performed on control system like position controller.

    This lab consist of

    1. AC servo motor
    2. DC servo motor
    3. Servo voltage stabilizer
    4. Analog PID controller kit
    5. Linear simulator unit
    6. P, PI and PID controller kit
    7. RTD kit
  • Power System Lab

    This lab consists of different relays like Differential relay, Overcurrent relay, Thermal relay, Instantaneous overcurrent relay, single line to ground fault analysis, three phase to ground fault analysis on which students of final year perform experiments related to topics studied in power system.

    This lab consist of

    1. Experimental setup for A,B,C,D parameters, Hybrid parameters
    2. Percentage differential relay kit
    3. Thermal relay
    4. Three phase fault earth relay kit
    5. Line to ground fault relay kit
    6. Over current relay kit
    7. Oil testing set

    Power Electronics Lab

    This lab consists of experimental setups on which students of third year perform experiments related to topics studied in power electronics like half bridge rectifier, full bridge rectifier, half wave converter, full wave converter, inverter and as simulation experiments performed by Power Simulation software.

    This lab consist consist of

    1. Single phase fully controlled bridge converter kit
    2. Single phase half controlled converter kit
    3. Cycloconverter kit
    4. Single phase bridge inverter kit
    5. Single phase half wave converter kit
  • Electric Drives Lab

    In this lab experimental setups on which students of final year perform experiments related to topics studied in electric drives like speed control of d.c. motor, speed control of a.c. motor, etc.

  • Laboratories
  • This lab consist of

    1. DC shunt motor, 1 HP, 220 V, 3 A, 1500 r.p.m.
    2. Induction motor 5 HP, 230volt,50Hz,2.25 A, single phase , 1340rpm
    3. Three phase induction motor 1.8 A, 440 volt, 1500 r.p.m
    4. DC shunt motor 1 HP, 110 V, 6A, 1500 r.p.m
    5. Cycloconverter kit
    6. AC voltage controller kit
    7. SCR thyristor based three phase and single phase rectifier kit
    8. SCR thyristor based single phase inverter kit
  • Computer & simulation Lab

    This lab basically consists of about 20 computers on which various simulation softwares like Multisim, PSIM, Dapper, LabView and MATLAB have been installed. These softwares are being used by the students of second, third and final year students for lab as well as project work.

  • Electrical Drives Lab (M.Tech)

    This lab has been established especially for the students of M.Tech (Power Electronics & Drives) and its consists of experimental setups for controlling various types of drives like d.c. and a.c. etc.

  • Laboratories