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Lab-Humanities & Liberal Arts


  • Language Lab

    It is a viable source of providing training in global accent to the students coming from various vernacular mediums. The language lab enables each student to have a self–paced learning through different software so that the student can progress from his/her own proficiency level. The Language Laboratory is a high tech equipped class which offers a variety of functions. It has been specially designed for student-teacher interaction, and greater concentration for language learning.

    The Language Lab provides practice in word accent, stress, rhythm and intonation as well as correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants of the English language by listening and repeating. Likewise, various software platforms enable each student to train for presentations, negotiation and other soft skills. This lab is mandatory for B. Tech first year students. The students of the other years can also avail of the facilities of this lab as per their convenience. The Lab is equipped with 60 multimedia computers along with headphones. The students are provided with all the facilities at their workstation.

  • Software and Learning Resources

    The Digital Interactive Lab (one teacher+20 students) is installed in the central system through which all the systems are networked.

    1. iTell-Oréll Digital Language Lab Standard Edition S2