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PhD Scholars & Research Areas

Status of PhD Students

2015 Physics 01
2015 Mathematics 01
2015 Pharmacy 03
2015 Electronics & Communication Engineering 04
2015 Mechanical Engineering 03
2015 Management 01
2015 Computer Science Engineering 10
2015 Electrical Engineering 02
2015 Civil Engineering 02
2014 Pharmacy 02
2014 Humanities 01
2014 Computer Science Engineering 09
2014 Management 02
2014 Electrical Engineering 06
2014 Petroleum Engineering 01
2014 Mechanical Engineering 07
2014 Mathematics 01
2014 Electronics & Communication Engineering 07
2013 Physics 01
2013 Mechanical Engineering 01
2013 Pharmacy 02
2013 Humanities 01
  Total 68
1. Kanishka Jha Enhancement of Mechanical, Thermal and Morphological Properties of Green Composites by matrix modification.
2. Amit Badola Study and analysis of neutron resonance parameters & cross sections
3. Neha Agarwal Social constraints and Beyond: assertion for self in the fiction of alice munro
4. Seema Yadav Performance evaluation of distributed processing system using soft computing techniques
5. Md. Samir Enhancement of controllers used in wind power generation connected to grid
6. Akash Srivastava Bio-inspired dynamic data clustering for big data
7. Anuj Yadav An approach for enhanced security in cloud computing environment
8. Ajay Narayan Shukla An improved approach to solve the graph coloring problem
9. Dimple Bajaj An agile approach for developing mobile cloud applications
10. Garima Verma Identify management in cloud computing
11. Rakesh Saini Cross layer modification for QoS in wireless sensor networks
12. Vaibhav Kumar Fuzzy logic based noise reduction technique in low illumination images for scene text detection and recognition
13. Parul Bisht Torque and reactive power control of 1M & its application to wind-power generation
14. Md. Nafees Ahmad Order Reduction techniques
15. Gunjan V. Sahai Identification and control of non-Linear system
16. Chetan Bhardwaj A comparative study on MPPT techniques for photo-voltaic power system
17. S. Bhanuprakash Super capacitors based smooting of PV Power generation fluctuations.
18. Vimal Kant Pandey Analysis of spectrum sensing techniques and implementation of low power circuits for cognitive radio
19. Maneesh Kumar Singh Foetal safety concern in 2D and 3D ultrasound image technology analysis and optimization
20. Kuldeep Choudhary Study and design of meta -material based leaky wave antenna in X-band
21. Shakti Kundu Software agents based web data mining: an intelligent approach
22. Amrindra Pal Design and modelling of opto-electronic devices of WDM applications
23. Sandip Swarnakar Design and modelling of integrated photonics device(s) and sensor(s) using photonic crystal fibers
24. Vivek Kr. Srivastava Design and development of superresolution reconstruction algorithm for low resolution images
25. Gaurav Richhariya Development of self healing oil well cement
26. Deepak Bangwal Green HRM & work-life: An innovative approach to environmental sustainability
27. Shalini Singh E-impulse buying: An indian perspective
28. Kirti Singh Development and evaluation of bio-nanofabrication loaded with nanosized atorvastatin rosuvastatin for trans-nabhi drug delivery
29. Vishakha Jaiswal Formation and evaluation of bio-flexy strips loaded with nano-sized aripiprazole and Bromoeriptine for brain targeting via trans labial mucosa
30. Ravi Kumar An experimental investigation of heat penetration in a large size element at high temperature for sensible heat thermal energy storage system
31. Rajeev Pandey Experimental investigation on heat and fluid flow characterics of rectangular channel having blockages with elongated openings
32. Pankaj Singh Chandel Interlaminar fracture toughness in composite between two dissimilar plies
33. Md. Faraz Azeem Buckling vibration analysis of laminated composite plates with elastic supports
34. Anamika Lal Nostalgia in the works of indian diaspora