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Examination policy

Examination policy
  • Students must appear for all Class test, Assignment, Quizzes, End Semester Examination (Theory/Practical/Seminar/Project/Viva-Voce etc.) as per schedule displayed on students notice boards.

  • The exam forms should be properly filled in every semester for respective examinations as per schedules.

  • Regular end semester examination is held for all students at the end of every semester.

  • Back paper exams is held subsequently for students failed in earlier attempts.

  • Facility of rechecking of answer books is available for those students who are not satisfied with assessment of their answer books, after paying stipulated fee for the same.

  • The marks obtained by students in Class Test, Assignment and quizzes are displayed by teachers in their departments

  • Final results of all classes in terms of marks & grades are declared by Office of the Controller of Examinations. The mark sheets are to be sent to the parents of students by Office of the Controller of Examinations of the institute.

  • For any queries about examinations, students may enquire in Office of the Controller of Examinations of the institute.

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