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Discipline & Safety

  • Discipline is the backbone of this university. All students are required to abide by discipline rules prescribed by the university.

    Disciplinary proceedings are conducted based on the gravity of act of indiscipline. Following disciplinary committee are set up for smooth functioning of university.

  • Proctorial Board
  • Departmental Discipline Committee
  • Hostel Discipline Committee
  • University Discipline Committee

Proctorial Board

  • Chief Proctor – Chairman
  • Proctors representing various Faculties/Departments
  • Proctorial Board shall serve as a standing disciplinary committee. All matters of indiscipline will be examined and decide whether to investigate on its own or refer to other appropriate Discipline Committees in place. In case the matter is disposed off by the Proctorial Board itself the Board recommendations would be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for his decision.

Departmental Discipline Committee

  • Head of the Department (Concerned Department) – Chairman
  • Two Senior Faculty (Concerned Department)
  • Class Coordinator (s) concerned
  • Associate Dean, Student Welfare
  • Faculty/Department Proctor (if any)
  • It deals with the disciplinary issues related to general conduct of students in the class rooms, laboratories and departmental premises. If the violations are more serious in nature, this committee will forward the matter to the Proctorial Board.

  • Hostel Discipline Committee:

    1. Chief Warden – Chairman
    2. Associate Dean Students Welfare
    3. Two Wardens (one from the concerned hostel

    It deals with the minor disciplinary issues related to the hostel affairs.

University Discipline Committee:

  • Director, Academic Administration – Chairman
  • Dean, Student Welfare
  • Chief Proctor
  • Chief Warden
  • Two Senior Faculty Members (including one Head of the Department of the concerned Department)
  • The chairman may co-opt upto two additional faculty members as per requirement.

The Committee shall deal with all major acts of indiscipline referred by Proctorial Board.

Other committees dealing with discipline are as under:-

  • Women welfare committee
  • Mentoring cell
  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • Anti-Ragging Squad
  • Anti-Ragging students Squad

Details about above mention committees are given in detail at Discipline Regulations-2013

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