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  • Guest Lectures & Special Days Organized by Department of Physics

  • S.No. Name of the expert Title of the lecture Date
    1 Prof. Yosi Shacham (Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv 69978, Israel) Nano particle based bio electrochemical sensors for flexible and printed electronics November 23, 2016
    2 Prof. Dinesh Agrawal, Professor of Materials, The Pensylvania University, Penn State, USA “Microwave Materials Processing for Various Materials Applications: An Overview ” May 21, 2018
    3 Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah North Dakota State University, USA Future Prospective of Nano Science and Environment September 8, 2018
    4 Dr. G. Sumana, Senior Scientist , NPL, New Delhi Fabrication of Biosensors for clinical diagnostic application October 24, 2018
    5 Dr. Ratnamala Chatterjee, Professor,  Department of Physics, IIT Delhi Multi-Ferroics and their Applications October 6, 2018
    6 Dr. Mohit Sharma, IMRE, Singapore Strengthening of Fiber-Polymer Hierarchical Interface: Nano-mechanical Analysis and Composites Prototyping July 19, 2019
    7 Dr. Bodh Raj Mehta, IIT, Delhi “2D-3D interfaces: understanding basic physics and developing usable technology” October 10, 2019 
    8 Kriti Vigyan Day Celebration Foundation Day-2019 March 12, 2019
    9 National Science Day Workshop Advance Synthesis & Characterization Techniques March 9, 2019
    10 National Technology Day   May 11, 2018