Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Rakesh K. Pandey

Assistant Professor

Mr. Rakesh K. Pandey has pursued his Post-Graduate degree in Petroleum Engineering From IIT-ISM, Dhanbad.  He has relevant experience in Petroleum industry and has worked under projects of downhole well test data acquisition and interpretation, artificial lift optimization, and slickline operations. He has worked on petroleum softwares including Fekete Well Test, Total Well Management, CMG, Fracpro and Prosper under various industrial and academic projects. He has also conducted seminars and workshops on Open Vs. Closed Loop Slickline Units, and Reservoir Modeling and Simulation using CMG Software.

As an assistant professor, He has taught subjects including oil and gas well testing, petroleum production operations, directional drilling, reservoir simulation and petroleum economics. He has also guided several dissertations at undergraduate level. He has received Best Teacher award, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Chandigarh University for his outstanding academic performance. His latest work is on Thermodynamic modeling of Equilibrium Conditions of CH4/CO2/N2 Clathrate Hydrate in Presence of Aqueous Solution of Sodium Chloride Inhibitor which has been published in journal of Petroleum Science and Technology. He has a professional member of Society of Petroleum Engineers.