Department of Architecture and Design



Rick graduated from the School of Architecture and Landscape Design, SMVDU, Jammu. He had found a fascination for Hill Architecture and the Vernacular typology of buildings.

As a professional he has experimented with psychology of interaction that affects spaces around them on a conceptual level. He has trained under the pioneer of Landscape architecture in India, Prof. Ravindra Bhan who exposed him to details that lead to the bigger picture.

He has designed Factories, Housing Complexes, Residences, Shops, Olympic sized swimming pools, Master-plans of universities, and also events to name a few. He has always been curious to figure out what would be the future of Architecture in a technological driven world. He is fascinated by and explores Urban Design and Digital Architectonics. His classes usually talk of how Architecture tells a story. In his free time, he sketches, reads, travels and think about design experiences that affect day to day life.