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  • DBMS Lab

    The Lab is dedicated for Database related practicals. High configuration computer systems installed with softwares like Oracle Server, MySQL are used by the students to execute their Database related projects and assignments.

  • Computer Network Lab

    Equipped with latest networking related devices, the lab facilitates students to perform Computer Network practicals. All important Network Simulators like Cisco Packet Tracer, NetSim, OMNET and NS3 are installed to provide solution to the practical problems faced by computer scientists.

  • Java Programming Lab

    Departmental Computer Labs consist of Licensed Software under Microsoft campus agreement and MATLAB with Simulink Performance Tools like Image Processing Tool Box, Neural Network Tool Box, Wavelet Transforms Toolbox, Filter Design Toolbox, and Communication Toolbox.

  • R&D Lab

    The lab dedicatedfor Research and Development activities in the department, is equipped with all requisite simulators and access of online journals. The lab is basically used by PhD scholars and M.Tech students for exploiting their research ideas.

  • C/C++ Programming Lab

    The lab is installed with all important editors like CodeBlock, Dev C++ provides a dual operating system environment where the students can learn to execute C and C++ programs in all types of environments.

  • CAD/CAM Lab

    The Lab is installed with latest designing softwares like Autodesk where the imagination of students take shape in reality. Students can plot their designs and animations in this lab.

  • Algorithms Lab

    The lab provides requisite environment for Design and Analysis of Algorithms for solving complex problems in the field of computer science. Students execute all data structure and other algorithm related practicals in the lab. The latest platforms/compilers are provided to the students to run their programs.

  • Web Technology Lab
  • R&D Lab
  • Graphics Lab
  • Linux Administration Lab

    The students receive hands on practical experience in the field of System Administration, System Engineering, Hacking and Security. Red Hat Linux Administration is the key practice in this lab.

  • Projects Lab

    The lab is dedicated for the students to develop their Minor and Major projects. All project related software are installed in this lab to fulfil the requirements of development.

  • MATLAB Lab

    The lab Installed with MATLAB software, provides solution to data scientists, automatic control simulation etc. It provides multi paradigm numerical computing environment for solving computer based numerical problems.