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Sukriti Sah Chauhan

B.Des. : Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda, M.Des. : National Institute Of Design NID, Ahmedabad

Assistant Professor

  • Specialisation

    Graphic Design / Industrial Design

  • Research Interest

    Visual Graphics, Product Design, Ceramic Design

  • Brief Profile

    Sukriti Sah Chauhan joined the Department of Architecture Planning & Design SOAPD as an Assistant Professor on 28 March 2022. Sukriti has received her Bachelor Of Design in Visual Arts from The Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda & her Masters in Design from the most renowned Institue of Design in India, NID National Institute Of Design, Ahmedabad, with an A+ grade specialization in Industrial Design (Ceramic & Glass Design). Sukriti also has a work experience of about 6 yrs in various Design studios in Delhi, having worked with top clients from India/International brands like Forest Essentials, Good Earth, Dior, Social, Pernia’s Pop-Up-Shop, Designer Rohit Bal, Celebrity Suzzane Roshan Khan, Thapar Group, Infinite Luxury and many more. Her name & work got printed on The New York Times. Her Re-Branding packaging project has been nominated for Kyoorious Design Yatra, India’s only design seminar held in Goa each year. She was also promoted as an Art Director in her previous job, thereafter she shifted to Dehadun to take up freelance Design projects in India & Abroad. Sukriti’s interests centers upon Visual design, Branding, Product & User experience Design. She likes to work and create activities that deal with artistic forms, designs, textures and patterns be it 2D or 3D. She prefers work which allows for self expression as well as a design centric approach.

    • Foundation Subjects for 1st year VGA, Adobe 2D Softwares for UX/VGA, Information & Data study, Character Design, Publication Design, Advertising Design, Branding, Packaging Design, Design for Web.