M.Tech in Energy & Environment

  • About Program

    The program has relevance & significance in the context of challenges faced by the growing Indian economy and the shift perceived towards alternative sources of energy and specifically the growing preference of the government for the cleaner and environment friendly sources of energy. The program will have the following specializations;
    a. Environmentally Sustainable Technology
    b. Renewable Energy
    c. Mitigation of Energy Impact The program is open for the students who have pursued their graduation in the relevant field with minimum of 55% marks in BE/B.Tech or equivalent. GATE / NET qualified students shall be preferred. In the first semester basic courses like Mathematics, Modeling and Analytical Tools are offered whereas in the second semester core courses in Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering are given to the students. The specializations will be offered in the third semester and the project work and dissertation in the fourth semester. Students will have the opportunity to do their Dissertation at reputed organizations / Industry and the University placement cell shall support them in same.
  • Higher Education

    The program is interdisciplinary in content and draws heavily from the courses offered in the M.Tech programs offered by the other departments like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemistry and Mathematics. As such the rigor and knowledge required for the program is that for higher education at the Masters level. For those students who otherwise qualify for the program but lack the knowledge required to complete the program, the Department of Petroleum & Energy Studies may ask them to take certain pre-requisites before they are permitted to take the M.Tech level courses.


  • Based on National demand to meet skill development of growing Indian economy
  • Several Universities around the globe are offering environmental engineering degrees, also in addition energy studies is rapidly emerging as a new discipline of relevance to meet future energy needs. Given that Energy & Environment are so closely related, we feel that an M.Tech in Energy & Environment in the need of the hour.
  • Uttarakhand has several sustainable energy re-sources to be developed; in specific Geothermal & Hydro have strong potential to be harnessed.
  • The 4th semester (also the 3rd semester) is hands on projects based, which means the student shall have the opportunity to develop skills and work in the field, which means we will create entrepreneurs who can work in the area of Energy sustainability for India.
  • The three specializations of the course give a student to pursue sustainable technology, renewable technology and mitigation of energy impact. Whereas students of sustainable technology are focused on technologies which do not have any long-term adverse impact on the environment, students of renewable technology focus on energy systems which are abundant in nature and naturally replenished. The students with focus on mitigation on energy impact study ways to reduce carbon footprint.
  • It is inter-departmental program, which means, the course content has matured and the program is drawing on the expertize developed by faculty in various departments over the years of teacching.


MTech – 2 Years


Minimum 55% marks in BE/BTech or equivalent.GATE/NET qualified students shall be preferred.