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TEDx DIT University

  • TEDx DIT University, a walk-through of stories talking about nowhere to everywhere!


    Taking ahead TED’S mission of ‘Ideas worth Spreading’, DIT University made a leap towards creating a community that grows, learns and inspires together. As TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis, DIT University proudly made the most out of its TED license, finally hosting its very own TEDx event today on 5th October.


    From being a sort-after university in India, to marking its name as an inspiring platform for the youth, DIT University brought on stage a diversified show of speakers coming from different walks of life. With experiences of downfall, to the journey of climbing the ladder as the Iron Man, or a magician, an Emcee or a comedian, the speakers of the day were super avid. As 2020 had been a year of roller-coaster rides, fear and extreme sufferings for the entire mankind, DIT University thought of calming this storm by proposing to present TED talk show solely on ” What comes tomorrow?”, as the theme for the event.


    DIT University had on stage Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, the spontaneous and flabbergasting Stand Up Artist, Actor & VO Artist,  Karan Singh Attri, the astonishing Magician who has invested a decade in pursuing the art of deception, Neena Bhattacharjee, the well-known Psychologist, Leadership & Transformation Coach and Talent Management professional,  Varun Sharma, Assistant Manager at Career Services Department, DIT University, Vikram Dev Dogra, Major General , AVSM who was commissioned into the Poona Horse, an armored regiment in December 1981 from the Indian Military Academy and none other but the multifaceted artist Sonam C Chhabra, who as an Actor, Live Host and Evangelist has established herself as one of India’s most sought-after Live Host and Emcee.


    The event was a walk-through of stories briefing about how less of cheers with abundance of struggle led to an impeccable journey of glory and establishment. As Jeeveshu speaks about uncertainties in life and the importance of taking crucial decisions hand-on-time, Karan Singh took the show through his magical tricks and the art of deception. The add-on to the stage was how all the speakers enlightened about understanding the value of true happiness that ignites an impeccable and ceaseless spark of power and possibilities.


    What comes tomorrow is usually overlooked by many of us, and thus TEDx DIT University aimed towards highlighting in front the possibilities of tomorrow, a tomorrow that would bring success, but most importantly brings true delight in and out. TED had been an astounding opportunity not alone for DIT University, but for all the audiences who had been watching the super vivacious speakers sharing episodes of their lives that were certainly stimulating for all.

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