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Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies

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    Group Leader: Dr. D. Tapas Kumar Dora

    The group is working on the synthesis of novel materials “aerogel” using various abundantly available household, societal and industrial wastages viz. waste paper, agro-waste, plastic waste, fly-ash etc. through novel cross-linkers. The synthesized novel material can be used for various Engineering application viz. CO2 capture, acoustic and thermal applications, and oil spill cleaning haemostatic applications. The group is also working on the conversion of agricultural waste to biochar for the synthesis of a low cost and portable water filter for the removal of heavy metals from the waste water.


    Group Leader: Mr. Gaurav Richhariya

    The group is working on the development of self-healing, autogenous cement for decrease the water formation in the oil well. The self-healing cement is synthesized through the impregnation of the super absorbent polymers with multilayer encapsulation of the cross-linked chemicals. The synthesized cement core will possess higher compressive strength, less water permeable owing to the absorption of water by the super absorbent polymers, higher swelling ratio in normal and saline conditions and higher stagnant period so as to increase its sustainability during pumping of the cement slurry into the oil well.


    Group Leader: Mr. Gopal Kumar

    The group is working on the modification of the conventional drilling fluid to a type of fluid which modifies its properties according to downhole condition through introduction of novel synthesized polymers. By using novel drilling fluids drilling time, treatment time, drilling fluid cost, hole problems can be reduced significantly that could help in efficient drilling operation. novel drilling fluids may also be useful not only in drilling operation but also in well completion phase.


    Group Leader: Mr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey

    The research focuses on developing and implementing predictive models and analytic tools to the oil and gas field operations including well test analysis, reservoir simulation, reservoir performance analysis and enhanced oil recovery with the applications of data analytics, data mining, data automation and machine learning to meet the specific requirements and challenges of increasing the recovery efficiency in the petroleum industry.