Department of Mechanical Engineering

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    Supervisors: Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Anil Kumar Patil, Mr. Bipin Kumar, Mr. G. P. Srivastava, Mr. Bipin Kishor, Mr. Rajeev Pandey, Mr. Ravi Kumar.

    The Thermal research group of Mechanical Engineering Department is working on areas of cutting edge research and development. The focus of group is on scientific innovation in areas related to improving efficiency and compactness of the thermal systems. The research topics are closely linked to our teaching groups, with both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes shaped to reflect the research strengths of our faculty. The brief description on notable research works pursuing in the department are follows: (a) Enhancement of Thermal performance of heat exchanger using passive techniques (b) Performance assessment of roughened Solar air heater (c) Study of Plate fin and pin fin heat sink under forced and natural convection (d) Study of boiling heat transfer over modified surfaces


    Supervisors: Dr. Y. K. Tyagi, Dr. Subodh Kumar, Mohd. Aftab Azam, Mr. Ashish Kumar, Pankaj Singh Chandel, Mr. R. Rajan, Mr. Jai Prakash Agrawal, Mr. Surya Prakash Gairola, Mr. Yogesh Kumar Dhanik, Mr. Deepak Kumar, Mr. Nalin Somani.

    The materials research group of our department is working in the areas of composites and welding. The work mainly consist of analysis and fabrication of new materials and exploring their applications. It is an initiative to contribute towards developing high strength low weight materials: (a) Fabrication and testing of composites made of plies. (b) Buckling and vibration analysis of composite laminated plates (c) Friction stir welding of aluminum (d) Development and analysis of environment friendly NAO composites (e) Biodegradable non-woven composites (f) Electric Discharge machining through Sintered electrodes