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Lab-School of Physical Sciences

  • Laboratories

    The Department has equipped state-of-the-art laboratories supervised by experienced faculty members. There are trained technicians to help the students in performing the experiments.


    The Engineering Physics laboratories of DIT University are contemporary setups with spacious practical training areas for all engineering students. These have a total covered area of more than 250 square meters with a separate dark room for performing various optics experiments. There are around 48 experimental setups of 28 experiments. These relate to the field of optics, fibre optics, heat, electricity & magnetism, mechanics, electronics and modern physics, thereby covering the entire span of the syllabus. The study materials of all these experiments for reference by the students are available in the Department of Physics. The laboratory caters to the students of B.Tech registered under any of the Physics courses viz., Wave, Optics and Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Introduction to Mechanics and Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory.

  • Wave and Optics Lab

    The Wave and Optics Laboratory is well equipped for the B.Sc. (H) Physics students and has setups like Melde’s Apparatus, Sonometer, Spectrometers, Polarimeter, Newton’s Rings, Fresnel’s Biprism, Single Slit Diffraction, Malus Law, Numerical Aperture etc.

  • Electricity and Magnetism Lab

    The Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory has the experimental setups for the verification of Network Theorems, different types of Bridges, charging and discharging study of a capacitor, Carey Foster etc.

  • Mechanics Lab

    The Mechanics Laboratory has been established in the department for the students of B.Sc (Honors) Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The laboratory covers all the major experiments based on the principles of mechanics like Fly Wheel, Maxwell’s needle, Searle’s method, Bar Pendulum, Kater’s Pendulum, Bending of beam and many more.

  • Modern Physics Lab

    The Modern Physics Laboratory in Department of Physics has been equipped with the experiments like e/m by Thomson Method, atomic spectra of a 2 electron system, Lande's g factor using electron spin resonance spectrometer, wavelength of H-alpha emission line of Hydrogen atom, work function of material of filament of directly heated vacuum diode, Photo-electric effect, Planck’s constant using Black body radiation and LEDs, ionization potential of mercury etc.

  • Thermal Physics Lab

    The Thermal Physics Laboratory has been set up in the department as a part of the curriculum of B.Sc (H) Physics students. All the foremost experiments based on heat and thermodynamics has been installed to make a better understanding of the concepts. The experiments include Callender and Barne’s constant flow method, Searle’s Apparatus, Angstrom’s Method, Lee and Charlton’s disc method, variation of Thermo-Emf of a Thermocouple with Difference of Temperature, Temperature Coefficient of Resistance by Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) etc.

  • Solid State Physics Lab

    Solid State Physics lab has been setup for BSc (H) Physics students. This laboratory is equipped with sophisticated experimental setups that include Hall Effect Setup, Four probe setup, Quinck`s Tube method, Gouy's method, PE& BH curve for ferroelectric crystal etc.

  • M.Sc. Physics Lab

    The M.Sc Physics Laboratory has been set up and this state of art laboratory provides a hands-on experience to the students in experiments related to the different courses being taught to them. This laboratory includes experiments from the fields of condensed matter physics and materials sciences, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, electronics, fibre optics and photonics etc.

  • Centre of Excellence - Advanced Functional Smart Materials

    Centre of excellence on Advanced Functional Materials is being established by Department of Physics. The primary goal of this centre is to provide state-of-the-art facilities to in-campus and outside users from various universities, academia, industries and society. This COE is currently engaged in the cutting-edge research of Soft materials and nanocolloids, green technologies and energy harvesting, purification & dye degradation, carbon nanomaterials and graphene for water purification. The facilities available in this COE are centrifugal Unit, hydrothermal reactor, photocatalytic reactors, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Polarizing Optical Microscope, electro-optical and polarization measurements etc.

  • Centre of Excellence - Materials Science and Nano Engineering

    A Centre of Excellence on Materials Science and Nano Engineering is being established by Department of Physics to cater to the students at UG, PG and PhD level to pursue their research work in the field of materials science at bulk and nano scale. The COE will provide state-of-the-art facilities such as computer controlled LCR meter, DC Poling unit, Thin Film Deposition by Dip Coating unit, muffle furnace, Magnetic Tc measurement setup (by Sohoo’s Drop Method) etc.


    We have a well equipped chemistry lab with all the facilities required for the practical training of 1st year students. The lab has capacity to accommodate 30 students at a time.