• To a physicist, the world consists of matter and energy. The study of physics encompasses the areas: force & motion, light, sound, electricity magnetism and behaviour of matter.

    The basic science especially Physics plays an important role in building the foundation for all engineering fields. Further it is very essential for all the engineering students to have the knowledge of fundamentals of different aspects of physics, so as to apply them in various engineering fields e.g. semiconductor physics in electronics, optics in optical fibre communication, optical amplification and multiplication, magnetic properties in computer memories, lasers for various industrial applications, and the modern physics in nuclear power generation etc.

  • The Department of Physics at DIT University was established in the year 1998 to provide adequate support to all undergraduate programs in engineering. Department of Physics now has UG courses of Physics for the B.Tech students as per the AICTE guidelines. The Department offers three courses viz., Wave Optics and Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Introduction to Mechanics and Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory to the B.Tech I Year students. In addition to these courses Department also conducts elective courses in Photonics and Nanotechnology for B.Tech IV year, M.Tech and Ph.D. programs.

    The Department of Physics started MSc program in Physics with specialization in Electronics in the year 2016 and BSc (H) in Physics program in the year 2017. These programs are as per the guidelines of UGC for CBCS. These programs are running successfully with students all over the country. The Department also started a PhD program in Physics in 2013 and at present 9 students are pursuing their PhD in the Department.

  • Department of Physics had established a Materials Research Laboratory in 2015 for initiating R & D activities in the advanced areas of research i.e., Soft Matter Physics and Nano Materials. The Department of Physics has now initiated the set up of two Centre of Excellence in the field of Advanced Functional Smart Materials and Materials Science and Nano Engineering. The major equipments available in these centres are Spin Coater, Muffle Furnace, Centrifuge, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer, Magnetic Tc measurement set up (drop method), Sonicator, LCR meter, Ball mill, Hydraulic press, Polarizing Optical Microscope, UV-Visible, Hydro Thermal Reactor, UV & Visible Reactor, Electro Optic Measurement Setup.

    These research facilities will enrich the quality of education being imparted to undergraduate students. The department hopes that by giving central importance to research activities it will improve the quality of teaching as well as translate the findings of the scientific and technological research into an impact which will make a difference to industry as such and the society as a whole.


  • Commencment of PhD, M.Sc Physics with Specialization in Electronics and B.Sc. (Hons) Physics
  • Establishment of a state of art Materials Research Laboratory for R&D activities.
  • Organization of National level Conference – 22nd National Conference on Liquid Crystals NCLC-22 in association with Liquid Crystal Society of India.
  • Organization of NASI Summer School 2015 in association with National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad.
  • Organization of National Level Conference “National Conference on Advances in Engineering Materials (NAEM-2015)”.
  • Organization of a mini workshop “Popularizations of Science” on the occasion of National Science Day.
  • Establishment of advanced tools for the materials research for UG, PG and PhD scholars.
  • Organized a two day National Symposium on Materials for Advanced Technologies (MAT-2017) in association with the Materials Research Society of India, Delhi Chapter (MRSI) and SPI & OSA Student Chapter DIT University from 20-21st February, 2017.