• Campus Recruitment Training Program

    CDC will have a systematic approach regarding developing our students from year 1 to year 4. Following is an explanation of the necessary infrastructure, training resources and the value add from CDC, infrastructure will be identified as red text:

  • 1. Curriculum Will provide a seamless pathway for learning from first year to final year. Experiential learning will act as an introduction for 1st year and basic and advanced courses for 2nd and 3rd year along with Bootcamps for final year students. Bootcamps teach both hard and soft skills in a fraction of the time, often 12 to 15 weeks or less. These programs offer hands-on training in practical coding as well as workplace communication skills and real-world problem solving. Bootcamps are more adaptable and can change to match the needs of the job market.

    • Training Resources: training facilitators to be adept in delivering immersive and blended learning. Workshops to include video and interactive activities to ensure learning outcomes are achieved. CDC will implement a Learning Management System so that students can access information anytime, anywhere, a one-stop-shop with centralized information, increased communication methods, studying becomes more enjoyable and of course it will save the student a lot of time. Both students and faculty will be evaluated against specific metrics to ensure faculty professional development and students are meeting their learning outcomes. Trainers will be trained to use blended and immersive teaching techniques and the ability to use tech and up-to-date pedagogy in their workshops.
    • CDC Value Add: complete end-to-end library of training materials reducing faculty effort & time in preparation. Communication channels to be established and maximized increasing student engagement & learning. Peer support for faculty ensuring engagement in ongoing lifelong learning.
  • Nurturing young minds through systematic approach

    In Frastructure Curriculum
    Experiential introductory for 1st year Basic and Advance courses for 2nd and 3rd year along with Boot Camp for Final Year Students
    Student Handbook
    Inspiring, engaging, & practice activities
    Technical Learning Advancement
    Acceleration & support services
    CDC Blended Learning courses - video + activity driven learning CDC Work Book Practice Exercises and Work Book Domain Specific Specialist - 15 specialist per branch per year model
    Learnwise - faculty & student progress tracking, data analytics, learning mgmt. system, assessment CDC Practicum - Advance Exercises for Top 150 Students Live Projects with Corporate Engagement
    Trainers training - Entre. concepts + Experiential pedagogy + Tech tools in classroom CDC Sample Papers - Previous year question papers + MVP Question Paper Access to live Problem - 250 Coding algorithm and Problems
    Value Add from CDC
    • Complete End to End Training Material
    • Reduce faculty effort & time in prep.
    • Increase student engagement & learning.
    • Peer faculty engagement for ongoing learning.
    • Establish CDC eCell
    • Expand inside + outside the campus
    • Engage student entrepreneurs
    • Provide/ strengthen content offerings to members
    • Drive & measure outcomes
    • Improve outcomes
    • Quickly grow network access to 250 algorithms
    • Provide structured input
  • 2. Student Handbook: this will be an inspiring source of reference for all material covered in each aptitude and soft skill session. Students will also be able to use the handbook as a workbook for taking notes and answer quiz questions within. It will contain practice activities and instructions on the interactive session activities they have engaged with as well as preparation materials for a variety of entrance exams.  It will stay with the student until the student has completed all activities within alongside the face-to-face sessions.

    • Training Resources: CDC Practicum will be a collection of advanced exercises designed to stretch abilities and intellect of the top 150 DITU students. These exercises will take the cream of DIT and set them up to compete with students from top ranked international universities. CDC will also use previous test papers for all commonly used entrance exams and ensure the students have the minimal viable product knowledge to ace their chosen paper.
    • CDC Value Add: we will establish the CDC Counselling Cell which will mentor and guide students so that we establish a definitive professional goal and direction. Operations will expand inside and outside the campus. CDC will engage with student entrepreneurs, supporting them in their startup endeavors. Scope and strength of our content will be improved and increased then offered out to all members. Motivation and enthusiasm will drive change and progress and all outcomes will be accurately measured.

    3. Technical Learning Advancement: acceleration & support services to ensure students have the necessary technical and hard skills to have a competitive edge when entering the job market.

    • Training Resources:  CDC will establish 15 domain specific specialists for each branch per year. These specialists will mentor and work alongside other students to ensure their technical skills are well-honed and ready for the field of their choice. CDC will run live projects with engagement from corporate leaders to prepare students for the field they are aiming to enter. We will provide access to live problem-solving labs, giving students practice using over 250 coding algorithms.
    • CDC Value Add: Improved, measurable outcomes. Network access to 250 algorithms and provision of structured, professional and systematic interventions.