• CDC Student of the Week

    The proposal outlines a plan to conduct a monthly CDC Student of the Month competition to augment the overall technical proficiency of 3rd and 4th Year Students in the college who would soon be appearing for campus and outside interviews to enter the Industry.

    Such a competition would help fabricate and elevate an aptitude in students for problem solving and innovation which would make them relevant to the current requirements of the IT sector, thus increasing their chances of not only getting placed in the leading organisations in this sector but also become the leading performers there.

    DIT University has been catering to its students for years, with an excellent curriculum and the one which bears pertinence to the prevailing Industry trends through timely alterations and updates. Besides there are numerous clubs, societies and student governance bodies in the university that have been working to organise events, competitions and encourage participation of students in the University working.

    All this has been considered and perhaps, to some extent even proved to be as enough and appropriate institutionalization of students for the workplace but it is my belief that we still lack in providing students with an atmosphere of competition which is comparable in magnitude to the one that they are going to face ahead in the industry. The curriculum of the University well serves the needs of creating a strong theoretical base of students which is an essential requisite for entering the industry but there is a need for something that would help them assimilate the attributes of the working that goes on in the industry which is a must have to stay ahead in it.

    Various technical and cultural clubs in the University have been working at their own level to organise technical events and competition for students but that have not been able to incentivize students enough. Perhaps, students require more than just marks, certificates and meagre prize moneys and this proposal aims to serve exactly the thing.

    For providing an inducement to students for taking efforts on their technical proficiency and elevating it to the status of an expertise, I recommend a monthly competition that would be organised by Career Development Cell (CDC). It would constitute the following:

    • 4 Coding questions, 10 Quantitative questions, 10 puzzles and 10
    • These questions would be sent to the students electronically via email but they would be required to submit their answers in hard copy format.
    • Students will be evaluated on the basis of their score and the timing of their submissions. So, the student who scores the highest and submits first will be the winner of the competition.
    • The winner will get a prize of Rs. 1000
    • At the end of the semester, top ten students will be selected on the basis of their performance in these monthly competitions and they will be awarded Rs. 2000 each.
    • Plus, these 10 students will be selected for appearing in the mock interviews by corporate HRs.
    • Besides, CDC would also provide them with excellent internship opportunities.

    This competition will be known as “CDC Student of the Month Competition”. It will create exactly the kind of incentives for students that they want. A monthly opportunity to win money, achieve recognition for their talents, mock interviews and internship opportunities. Besides, this competition would help the University to cultivate, identify and foster a significant amount of talent which it can use to present itself to the Industry through mock interviews of students. These students who perform well in these competitions when provided with Internship opportunities, if perform remarkably in their organisations, then in long run we can expect to create a strong and large footprint of DIT University in the Industry.