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Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies

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    Dear Aspirant,

    Our department offers an unparalleled opportunity to commence an exhilarating journey in the field of petroleum engineering. As a petroleum engineering student, you are about to embark on a path that combines cutting-edge technology, environmental consciousness, and global significance. Petroleum engineering plays a vital role in meeting the world's energy demands while addressing the pressing need for sustainability. By joining our department, you'll be part of a dynamic community of scholars and professionals committed to shaping the future of energy. Our department provides endless opportunities for growth and exploration. From working on offshore drilling platforms to designing innovative extraction methods, your career options will be diverse and rewarding. With increasing global energy demands, your expertise in petroleum engineering will be in high demand, opening doors to exciting opportunities worldwide.

    The Department has a decade long history of nurturing the students for the global challenges and opportunities in oil & gas Industry and our alumni are associated with the globally renowned industries like Schlumberger, Halliburton, British Petroleum, ExxonMobil, Shell, and ONGC, etc. We foster a culture of innovation, encouraging students to push boundaries and develop groundbreaking solutions to address energy challenges. Our department is actively engaged in researching and implementing sustainable practices, ensuring a greener future for generations to come. Hands-on experience is a crucial aspect of our educational approach. Through internships, cooperative programs, and industry partnerships, you will have the ample opportunity to gain practical experience and work on real-world projects. These experiences will enhance your learning, strengthen your resume, and increase your employability, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

    Our faculty members are experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching and mentoring students. You will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation. We believe in the power of teamwork and value the diverse perspectives and ideas that our students bring to the table. The energy industry is inherently global, and we encourage our students to explore international opportunities. Through the research collaborations, and field trips, you will have the chance to engage with different cultures and geographical contexts. This global exposure will broaden your horizons and prepare you to tackle the complex challenges of the energy industry on a global scale.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

    Dr. Rakesh K. Pandey
    Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies

  • Profile

    The Mentor: Dr. Rakesh K. Pandey

    Dr. Rakesh K. Pandey is an accomplished professional in the field of petroleum engineering, with a diverse background in industry and academics. With 7 years of experience, he has made significant contributions to the domain through his expertise. Dr. Pandey holds a Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering, focusing on optimized deep learning implementation in well-test analysis. His research work has been instrumental in improving the accuracy and efficiency of well-test interpretation, leading to more effective decision-making processes in the petroleum industry. He holds a post-graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian School of Mines (IIT-ISM), where he gained a strong foundation in petroleum engineering principles and practices. Dr. Pandey has showcased his research acumen by authoring several research articles in esteemed international journals and conference proceedings.

    Dr. Pandey has worked on several industry projects in prominent petroleum companies such as ONGC, OIL, Vedanta, and Essar, which complements his academic expertise. His involvement in projects related to downhole well-test data acquisition and interpretation, echometer surveys, dynamometer surveys, and slickline operations has given him practical insights into real-world engineering challenges and enhanced his understanding of the industry's operational complexities. Furthermore, he has actively contributed to the field of education by playing a pivotal role in DIT University's Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), where he has been instrumental in implementing outcome-based education practices. His commitment to quality is exemplified through his successful conduction of ISO internal audits, ensuring excellence within the institution. Dr. Pandey has been honored with accolades, including the Excellence in Research and Best Teacher Awards for his exceptional contributions in advancing knowledge, both through his research and his commitment to educating and mentoring students.

    Dr. Pandey's research interests encompass oil and gas-related domains, focusing on applied data science. He is dedicated to advancing the fields of well-test interpretation, reservoir simulation, enhanced oil recovery, and artificial lift techniques. Furthermore, Dr. Pandey applies his data science expertise to various domains such as stock trend prediction and landslide susceptibility analysis. His commitment to advancing research and solving real-world challenges makes him a sought-after expert in both the petroleum industry and the broader field of applied data science. With a strong track record of research achievements, industry experience, and commitment to mentorship, Dr. Pandey is well-positioned to drive innovation, make lasting contributions to society, and inspire future engineers.

    • Mission

      The Mission of the B Tech in Petroleum Engineering program at DIT University is:

      • To educate the Engineers and prepare leaders for the worldwide petroleum industry, and performs meaningful research that advances oil and gas recovery.
      • To prepare the Engineers for serving the industry through their technical knowledge, ethical commitment and participation in professional societies.
    • Vision


      • To be a world-class provider of education, research in the field of oil and gas sectors and play a leadership role in providing new technologies in order to increase the petroleum reserves of the country.
    • Centre of Excellence

      • Anton PAAR MCR-72 Rheometer
      • Goniometer (Contact Angle Measurement)
    • The unique feature of the course is that the theory classes are supplemented by a compulsory practical training in the oil fields in the summer of every year. Thus the products coming out from the department are tailor-made to suit the requirement of the industry. The recent trends towards use of computers have also made an impact towards simulation study in various oil and gas operations.

      The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members and technical personnel. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories and modern infrastructure.

      The DIT Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has been actively involved in organizing a number of activities in the department For more details please visit

    • About the Department

      The Department of Petroleum Engineering aims to provide advanced teaching and research facilities to the students to enable them to create and apply innovative technologies in drilling, production and reservoir engineering as well as efficiently utilize their knowledge and skills to find solutions of any problems related to petroleum industry.

    • The Department of Petroleum Engineering was established in the year 2011 to make its mark in the Oil and Gas Industries in the country. Subsequent developments, under the able guidance of distinguished educators, scientists and renowned personalities from oil and gas industries, have led the department to the forefront of teaching and research in petroleum engineering.

    • Research Facility

    • The Department of Petroleum Engineering have state of art research facilities to execute research work on drilling fluids, cement slurry, Reservoir and Enhanced Oil Recovery.


      The academic activities of the department includes a number of laboratory modules conducted in specialized laboratories.

    • Drilling Fluid and Cements Lab

      Drilling fluid & cement lab offers state of art facilities to execute research work on drilling fluids and cement slurry design.

    • Petroleum Product Testing Lab

      Petroleum Product Testing Lab is equipped with modern equipment for testing the fuels and lubricants. It also offers the extraction and processing of biofules.

    • Unit Operation Lab

      Unit Operation Lab offer advance setup for study and experimentation of diffusion, distillation, extraction, fluidization and absorption processes.

    • Petroleum Geology Lab

      The geology lab offers the facility for study of crystallography and mineralogy. The lab has models to display the formation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons.

    • Reservoir Engineering Lab

      Reservoir Engineering Lab consists of equipment used in the related of petro physical properties of rock and reservoir fluid properties.

    • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab

      Fluid Mechanics has wide variety of equipment to execute the various studies on Newtonian as well as non-Newtonian fluids.

    • Petroleum Instrumentation & Control Lab

      Petroleum Instrument lab is equipped with the advanced Pressure, Temperature, flow and level application trainers to execute studies based on the Proportional, Proportional Integral ,and proportional integral derivative mode controller.

    • Enhanced Oil Recovery Lab

      The Enhanced Oil Recovery lab offers the execution of EOR techniques with the help of core flooding unit integrated with Rheometer, Goniometer and Tensiometer.

    • Departmental Library

      The department of petroleum has its own library with latest text and reference books, journals and manuals.

    • Computer Lab

      The department has Computer lab equipped with the latest softwares for well test & reservoir simulation.