Department of Computer Applications


  • The Faculty of Computer Applications has a state-of-the-art lab comprising of highly configured computers spread across different labs and a computer center.

    Departmental Computer Labs consist of Licensed Software under Microsoft campus agreement and MATLAB with Simulink Performance Tools like Image Processing Tool Box, Neural Network Tool Box, Wavelet Transforms Toolbox, Filter Design Toolbox, and Communication Toolbox.

  • Programming Lab

    All latest software and hardware are installed in the systems used for programming in UNIX, DBMS, JAVA, Web Technology, .Net, Advance Java, Computer Graphics.

  • Computer Network Lab

    The lab is equipped with all latest equipment used for networking. Latest routers, switches and other devices are available for hands-on practice of networking related projects.

  • Computer Graphics Lab

    Lab is equipped with Graphics workstation and Servers and all latest software used for building animation based projects & software like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe etc. are available in the lab.

  • R & D Lab

    Latest equipment for Research and Development is installed so that students can work on live projects. Various research tools are installed like NS2 simulator, NAM simulator, MATLAB etc. to create a conducive environment for research activities.

  • Computer Center

    Students can access the internet and download research journals like IEEE, ACM, and Springer etc. for research and development.