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Department of Chemistry

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    It is my pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of all current and past members of the Department, to the official website of the Department of Chemistry at the DIT University, Dehradun.

    The Department of Chemistry was established in 1998.Initially department was confined only to teaching Engineering Chemistry to the engineering undergraduates but slowly over the years department has grown and now along with granting knowledge to the engineering undergraduates department also offers Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc. (H) Chemistry), Master’s degree (M.Sc. Chemistry with specialization in Organic/Analytical Chemistry), Doctorate (Ph.D Chemistry).The Chemistry department has a rich tradition of imparting high quality teaching and research in cutting-edge thrust areas of chemical science, providing intensive training to students and research scholars.

    Department of Chemistry has well-established two Chemistry Laboratories, Engineering Chemistry Lab and Analytical Chemistry Lab. It also has a center of excellence, Land Air Water (LAW Lab). Department has received funding from sponsored projects and many seed money projects.

    To accomplish the goals and to strengthen the teaching learning process, the Department of Chemistry has distinguished faculty members who are involved in world class research, are leaders in their fields and have won numerous awards for their contributions. They have brought with them rich experience as are doctorate from leading universities of India like IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, G.B.P.U.A&T, Pantnagar, G.J.U.S&T, Hisar, NIT Kurukshetra, University of Groningen, Netherlands and Post- Doctoral experiences from Germany, USA. Our faculty also serve as journal editors, organize conferences and are involved in outreach initiatives in the community.

  • We have favorable faculty to student ratio, which enhances close contact between students and their faculty mentors. This allows the faculty to give personalized attention to the academic progress of the students.

    Students of the department are placed in Amazon, People Scout, IBM, FIS Empowering Change etc, have qualified IIT-JAM and are pursuing higher studies in renowned universities.

    We are also fortunate enough to have an outstanding staff, who provide assistance to the students and faculty in every possible way.

    We invite you to explore our website, enroll in our courses, join our programs, carry out cutting-edge research, engage our faculty and staff and enter the diverse and interesting world of Chemistry. It will give you the power to improve the quality of our daily life. I hope you will join our community of chemistry scholars, make the most of the opportunities we offer, and build a rewarding career.

    Dr. Manisha Duseja

  • Profile

    Dr. Manisha Duseja joined the Department of Chemistry, DIT University, Dehradun as Assistant Professor in February 2010. She received her M.Sc and Ph.D degree in Chemistry from G.B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar. Dr Manisha’s area of research is Phytochemistry & Pharmacognosy (Natural Product Chemistry). It is particularly related to extraction & isolation of natural products from plants indigenous to the Indian subcontinent; unravel their structure by spectroscopic procedures and determination of their pharmacological activities. She has various research publications in journals of repute, attended and organized several national and international conferences. During her long association with DIT University she has taught various subjects of undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programs and has been an integral part of various committees in the Department of Chemistry. Along with the academics she has also taken up several other responsibilities such as she has been Chairperson of Social and Cultural Committee as well as an overall coordinator of all the student clubs in the University.

    She has been recipient of University Merit Fellowship for Doctoral Research, Awarded recognition as mentor for NPTEL Online Certification Courses and is also awarded by NSS Directorate, Government of Uttarakhand for exemplary contribution towards societal development on NSS establishment day.

  • Mission

    • To impart quality Education and achieve Academic excellence through planning, leadership, brilliance, inspiration and effectiveness.
    • To develop analytical skills, soft skills, inter-personal skills and build confidence and make students discover their strong personality.
    • To advance society through chemistry education, research, and service via interdisciplinary and international collaborative discovery, mentoring & leadership, and economic impact through technology transfer & entrepreneurship.
  • Vision

    • The Department of Chemistry at the DIT University aspires to be a leading force for advancing society through the continuous pursuit of educational excellence and cutting-edge research in chemistry.
    • Our commitment lies in producing comprehensive knowledge seekers and humane individuals, capable of building a strong and developed nation.

About The Department

  • Chemistry is the back bone in designing and understanding the nature of various engineering materials. Many advances in engineering either produce a new chemical demand as in the case of polymers or wait upon chemical developments or their application as in the case of implants and alloys. Currently, the Electronics and Computers engineers are waiting for suitable biopolymers and Nano molecules for use in miniature super computers, the Electrical engineers are in search of proper conducting polymers, the Mechanical engineers are on lookout for micro fluids and the Civil engineers are looking for materials that are environment friendly, economical but long lasting.

    Postgraduate courses combine an extension of the application of fundamental principles in situations of regional importance with a more advanced treatment of some of the basic aspects of chemistry not covered in detail in undergraduate courses, e.g. soil, food, water chemistry, natural product chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry and recent advances in chromatography and spectroscopy.

  • The Department of Chemistry DIT University offers B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry, M.Sc. Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemistry. The curriculum is designed with Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) & Fully Flexible Choice-Based Credit Systems (FFCBCS) to offer students holistic education with multiple options in core, electives, skill, ability, employability courses. The department is also equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories offering a wide range of sophisticated experimental facilities to compliment classroom teaching and hands-on training with well-equipped labs, seminar and minor and major research projects and summer internships during UG and PG degrees.

    The department has active research groups in experimental and theoretical chemistry and well equipped three laboratories. Faculties are working in the cutting-edge areas of Organic, Electrochemistry, Petroleum, Cementation, Biochemistry, Natural Product and Medicinal Chemistry, Nano materials & fibers, Additives for Fuels and Lubricants, Biolubricants, Waste Biomass, Green Chemistry, Environmental Monitoring, Protein-protein interactions, bio-nano interactions, Atmospheric Chemistry, Combustion processes, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis, Computational Chemistry, Mathematical modeling on biochemical pathways etc. The faculty is well qualified and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching and research which is reflected on producing good result. Faculty members serve as reviewer for various peer-reviewed WoS/Scopus indexed journals, have organized various national & international conferences/symposiums/workshops/summer schools etc. They are also members of many National and International Societies & Boards and have collaboration with national and international institutes of reputes.

  • Laboratories

    There are three Laboratories well equipped with the necessary instruments/ equipment/ infrastructure to perform experiments in Analytical, Inorganic, Organic Physical and Engineering Chemistry.

  • Analytical Chemistry Lab

    The Analytical Chemistry Lab was established by Department of Chemistry in 2022. This lab is well equipped with UV-Vis Spectrometer, Fume hood, Rota evaporator, Digital Spectrophotometer, Drying Oven, Magnetic Stirrers, Centrifugation machine, Digital magnetic stirrer, Lyophilizer, Photo calorimeter, Conductivity meter, pH meter, Digital Photo fluorimeter, Digital Potentiometer, Digital weighing balance, Heating mantle, melting point apparatus, water bath, high vacuum pump, temperature controller etc. The laboratory caters the needs of students registered under any of the Chemistry courses viz B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D.

  • Engineering Chemistry Lab

    The Engineering Chemistry Laboratory have contemporary setups with spacious practical training areas for all engineering students. These relate to the field of Engineering Chemistry and Applied Engineering Chemistry, thereby covering the entire span of the syllabus. The study materials of all these experiments for reference of the students are available in the department. The laboratory caters to the undergraduate students registered under any of the chemistry courses.

  • Centre of Excellence-Land Air Water (LAW) Lab

    Centre of excellence LAW lab was established by Department of Chemistry in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering. The primary goal of this center is to provide state-of-the-art facilities to in-campus and outside users from various universities, academia, industries and society. This COE is currently engaged in the cutting-edge research of Chemistry and Environmental Science (Consultancy & Research in collaboration with Uttarakhand Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board).