An Architect is a professional capable of turning the smallest hint of an idea, into splendorous constructions. Architects plan and blueprint prospective structures and establishments, like cities, skyscrapers, monumental edifices, public spaces, et cetera. Being an architect gives you a chance at a rewarding and decorous career and the prospect of entrepreneurship. Architecture is certainly a career for creative people.

A profession that brings the opportunity to indulge in new designs and ideas to create awe-inspiring spaces ultimately would appear as the ideal career to some. Since Architecture covers such a colossal domain, architects also get the opportunity to pursue specializations under the parent discipline.


  1. Urban Redevelopment
  2. Sustainable Architecture
  3. Rural Architecture
  4. Interior Design
  5. Material Technology
  6. Landscape & Planning

, et cetera

Some of the most prominent architects to have ever lived are Antoni Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Norman Foster, Louis Sullivan, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, et cetera.

Architecture at DIT University

The School of Architecture, Planning & Design at DIT University is the best college in the entirety of Dehradun to pursue Architecture in accordance with the Outlook-ICARE Rankings 2022. The School offers the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Architecture
  2. Bachelor of Design- Interior
  3. Bachelor of Design- UX/UI
  4. Bachelor of Design- Visual Graphics & Animation
  5. Plan (Urban and Regional Planning)
  6. Master in Design-UX in collaboration with IMAGINXP
  7. Ph.D. in Architecture & Planning

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