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  • S.No. Title/name of the conference/ seminar organized Convener/Coordinator Dates
    1 National Conference on Advances in Engineering Materials (NAEM-2015) Prof. SK Gupta, Dr. Parveen Kumar 20-22nd March, 2015
    2 NASI summer school (2015) Prof. Manoj Bhatnagar & Dr. Ravi Kumar Shukla 12-17 June, 2015
    3 22nd National Conference On Liquid Crystals NCLC-22 Convener: Dr. Ravi K. Shukla 21st - 23rd Dec, 2015
    4 Mini-workshop on "Popularization of Science" Dr. Surbhi Sachdev, (Chairperson), Dr. Partha Sarathi Mondal (Convenor) 02nd Mar, 2016
    5 National Seminar on Material for Advanced Technologies (MAT-2017) Sponsored by DST, DRDO Co-chair: Dr. Surbhi Sachdev, Convener: Dr. Parveen Kumar February 20-21, 2017
    6 NASI summer School 2017 Sponsored by NASI Convener: Dr. Surbhi Sachdev, Coordinator: Dr. Ravi Kumar Shukla June 6-11, 2017
    7 FDP on “Characterization Techniques and Theoretical Modelling in Condensed Matter Physics” Convener: Dr. Surbhi Sachdev, Coordinator: Dr. Pankaj Chamoli July 13-14, 2018
    8 Advanced Synthesis and Characterization Techniques: Success and Scope Convener: Dr. Surbhi Sachdev, Coordinator:Dr. Samta Manoori March 9, 2019
    9 Webinar on “Recent Trends in Quantum Physics & Functional Materials” Department of Physics August 6, 2020
    10 Webinar on “Quantum Mechanics & Gravity: Introducing the Aikyon” Department of Physics July 3, 2020
    11 National Conference on Nanomaterials for Energy and Advanced Technologies NEAT-2021 Convener, Dr. Parveen Kumar March 20, 2021
    12 Webinar Series Department of Physics, School of Physical Sciences September 30,2021 to October 12, 2021
    13 Webinar on “Hybrid Quantum Technologies” Convener, Dr. Sonam M. Mishra March 25, 2022