Program Details

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


Duration – As per DITU Ph.D. Ordinance

The maximum period will count from the date of enrollment to the date of submission of the Ph.D. theses.

In exceptional circumstances, to the satisfaction of the Vice-Chancellor, a candidate may be granted (a) an extension of maximum of one year over and above the maximum duration as specified above or (b) a relaxation of one year in the minimum duration as specified above provided (s)he is a full time candidate with MTech or equivalent as entry qualification.

In case a Ph.D. scholar is not able to successfully complete the Ph.D. within the maximum duration as specified above (including 6.2(a) above) his/her registration will expire and his/her Ph.D. program will stand automatically terminated.


Pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is both challenging and rewarding. It provides an opportunity to strengthen the research ability and develops a set of skills necessary for research in the frontier areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Thermal engineering, CFD, Metal forming, Composite material, CAD/CAM, and Tribology. The Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering accelerates the career progression in industry or research and academia.

Program Highlights

  • Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members with strong expertise in both theoretical and experimental methods of research.
  • The department has several high-end Laboratories such as Advanced Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics & machinery, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Unconventional machining, etc. to facilitate research work.
  • The Program witnesses considerable research output in the form of research papers published in the refereed journals and presented at International / National Conferences every year from the students.

Program Curriculum (As Per FFCBCS Scheme)