Program Details

Ph.D. in Maths

Embarking on a doctoral journey in Mathematics is an intellectually stimulating and arduous task that enables individuals to make a profound impact in the field of Mathematics by conducting original research. Mathematics, a riveting subject, entails the study of numerical, geometric, and abstract relationships, and fosters the development of theories and principles that tackle intricate problems. A PhD in Mathematics is an immersive degree program that grants learners the opportunity to explore advanced mathematical concepts, conduct autonomous research, and contribute substantively to the field. The program comprises an extensive curriculum, research projects, and the production of a dissertation.

Prospective candidates for a PhD in Mathematics must possess a solid academic background in Mathematics or a related field, typically, a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Additionally, these individuals must demonstrate exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, creativity, and a fervour for the subject. The program entails comprehensive coursework, including topics such as topology, analysis, calculus, and algebra, as well as seminars, workshops, and research projects that provide students with a platform to expand their research skills and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. The most significant component of a PhD in Mathematics program is the dissertation, a substantial research project that showcases the candidate's ability to conduct independent research and contribute meaningfully to the field. Students collaborate closely with their faculty advisors to devise a research topic, design experiments, analyze data, and produce a report detailing their discoveries.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates can pursue various career paths, such as academia, research, or industry. They may work as professors, researchers, statisticians, data analysts, or mathematical modellers in various fields, such as finance, engineering, technology, and healthcare. PhD in Mathematics is an exacting program that offers an opportunity for scholars to examine advanced mathematical concepts, conduct original research, and make valuable contributions to the field. Graduates of the program can pursue diverse career paths and have a meaningful impact on society through their work.


Duration – As per DITU Ph.D. Ordinance

The maximum period will count from the date of enrollment to the date of submission of the Ph.D. theses.

In exceptional circumstances, to the satisfaction of the Vice-Chancellor, a candidate may be granted (a) an extension of maximum of one year over and above the maximum duration as specified above or (b) a relaxation of one year in the minimum duration as specified above provided (s)he is a full time candidate with M.Tech or equivalent as entry qualification.

In case a Ph.D. scholar is not able to successfully complete the Ph.D. within the maximum duration as specified above (including 6.2(a) above) his/her registration will expire and his/her Ph.D. program will stand automatically terminated.

Program Curriculum (As Per FFCBCS Scheme)