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Natasha Awasthi

M.Sc Kumaun University, Ph.D. Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

Assistant Professor

  • Specialisation

    Physics: Open Quantum System

  • Research Interest

     I am a theoretical Physicist, currently working in open quantum system, quantum information theory and quantum communication

  • Brief Profile

    I am a theoretical Physicist , currently working in the field of quantum mechanics basically an open quantum system. Currently, I am working in the field of quantum information theory as well as quantum communication. Moreover, I am open to work in the filed of quantum field theory as well as collapse system. I did my PhD from GB pant University, where I worked with my guide under the collaboration of Professor Ujjwal Sen and Aditi Sen De and we derive an uncertainty relation in the filed of open quantum system and my published my first word in Physical Review A (2018).

    Over the last year I worked on some entanglement measures, quantum memory channels, Markovain models, quantum speed limit and published my work in various reputed journals. I am having the opportunity of exploring various research direction and tools in this field. Moreover, my detail research interest can be found in google scholar, research gate as well as ORCID Profile.