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    CDC conducting PDP sessions for NCC

    CDC is looks after the personality development training for NCC students. This year 11-UK Girls Bn NCC Dehradun organized a CATC NCC camp at DIT University from 27th June to 6th July, 2019 with 528 NCC Girls cadets, 26 officers and staff as their annual NCC training. The objective of the training program is to provide all cadets from different schools, colleges and universities, a platform for identifying their potentials and learning the art to be ready for the world. It was also hosted in order to act as a selection camp for Pre- Republic Day and Pre-Thal Sena camp.

    The students participate in a plethora of events and also attend the regular sessions which includes Health and hygiene, Yoga, Hurdle training, Firing training, Arms training, Map Reading, and so on. These sessions include Personality Development sessions too wherein topics like Confidence Building, Communication Skills, Body Language and Leadership Building. Numerous amounts of video clips, activities and games become a part of the entire module.

    The department plays a major role in explaining and helping the students to face their inner fears, develop better communication skills, identifying leadership qualities and team building. They are also taught different problem solving skills and body language traits. Role plays proves to be instrumental in explaining the entire program.

    The takeaways from the camp are the innumerable smiles and giggles and also the vast knowledge in the form of experiential learning. To bring in a hint of fun, other activities like dancing and singing competition, public speaking, poster making and rangoli making are also held. The USP of the entire program is the career counselling session, to help these young students to make a better choice in life. This year the closing ceremony was marked by a cultural evening accompanied by a prize distribution ceremony.