• Collaboration with Placement Cell

    We believe in building strong leaders with our consistently growing placement. Due to its strong industry aligned courses, DITU has always been a preferred choice of our recruiter. The office of Training Career guidance & development cell works closely with industry to develop and support collaborative Industry – Academic interface and facilitates placement and interface of our students.

    An extensive learning and practical hands on approach helps student forge head on their chosen path with a positive attitude, necessary skills set and practical know how. The cell works with a twin-fold focus on augmenting internal competencies by contemporary grooming of students and enabling the industry to identify and absorb intellectuals with the requisite technical and managerial skills. The cell also provides assistance to students in applying for summer training and projects in various companies.

  • We have divided it into three phase:

    First Phase: Our focus is to prepare students through boot campus drives and rigorous workshops, before the day of the placements. Based on the corporate need and the job requirement we work on students. Mock session and technically students are prepared under the guidance of experience trainers.

    Second Phase: Proper need analysis is done after interaction and feedback from the corporate, HR team, technical team who all are involved in selection procedure. A detailed feedback in taken into account so that we can bridge the employability gap. Corporate interaction with students are also kept so that students can get their doubts cleared.

    Third Phase: The training module is upgraded based on the feedback. Our efforts are made to make our training program more aligned with the corporate needs and requirement, in terms of employability skills as well as new technology knowledge. We focus to improve the impact of the training program and reduce the rejection rate.