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Why should I study engineering?

There were times before us when nobody could’ve envisioned the world, how it is today. Nobody could’ve anticipated the intelligence explosion which is now, thankfully upon us. From sending letters and messengers, we have evolved to texts and video calls; a task this simple would’ve once taken months, even years, but mankind engineered it. We have so fantastically used resources to simplify most of our problems. Through engineering, mankind has turned all dreams into reality.

The earliest examples and instances of engineering date back to primitive times with the use of simple machines like wedges, levers, et cetera. The engineers of yesterday are the fathers of technology, today. Some of the greatest engineers that ever lived are Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Rudolf Diesel, George Stephenson, Archimedes, et cetera. We owe the luxury of technology to these luminaries.

Engineering is further classified into several sub-divisions as follows:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Bioengineering

Since Engineering is such a vast domain, there are several other ramifications of it such as Geological Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Marine Engineering, Computer Engineering, et cetera.

If you too have a knack to solve the problems of today and aim to revolutionize the world into something better one day, you’re meant to pursue engineering.

Engineering at DIT University**

**The School of Engineering & Technology at DIT University is one of the best engineering colleges in Uttarakhand. The school has the following departments in the engineering domain:

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Department of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering
  3. Department of Civil Engineering
  4. Department of Petroleum Engineering

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Apart from the aforementioned, the School of Computing at DIT University also offers an engineering program in Computer Science and Information Technology.

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Little did anyone anticipate that engineering someday would be one of the highest paying professions in the world. A legacy is already in existence at DIT University, where education brings with it the promise of placements. A history of delivering unparalleled technical education, most solemnly, now serves as a benchmark, upon which the University has been progressing, admirably.

The University over the years has been trusted by a multitude of scholars because of the unwavering responsibility, taken by the shoulders of the institution to turn the dream of every scholar that chooses DIT, into reality. It is a tailored choice for students willing to seek B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) admissions in Dehradun. Every year, the University contributes to society by according degrees to numerous engineers and individuals who will one day revolutionize the world through the DIT ethos.

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