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Way Forward and Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Recently, a report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (Deloitte Global), which is a reputed multinational professional services network, on Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index rankings expected India to capture the top 5 most competitive manufacturing nation position by 2020. Owing to this fact, the future prospects of Mechanical Engineering (MEC E) are considered quite bright in the country

In India, present government initiatives of ‘Make in India’ and ‘ZED’ with focus on manufacturing sector, is going to make a big change. Bright future can be expected for incoming few years mainly from Private sector.

It’s obvious that manufacturing sectors would require more of Mechanical engineers. Very good opportunities can be expected if the right skill sets are gained.

The cutting edge research in the areas of Mechanical Engineering is progressing world-wide. In order to cope up with this challenging world, India needs to take up There is also an equal rise of opportunities outside India, as almost all the inventions that we are seeing involves the application on mechanical engineering in one way or the another.

The scopes for mechanical engineers are in the rise and it is evident from the following facts,

  • Growth rate of Indian economy
  • Government push for infrastructure development
  • Start-up India Plan, that eases obtaining of bank loans, licenses & registrations
  • Huge foreign direct investments
  • Make in India scheme
  • Lot of MNCs setting up their R&D centre’s in India
  • More infrastructures are being built to encourage innovation

However, according to the average annual salary of these professional includes Rs. 337,899 per year. Mechanical engineers with skills in Machining, Latest printing technologies, CFD, Automobile engineering concepts add more value to their average pay scale.

The aim of students pursuing mechanical engineering is to get a highly paid job, so improving skill sets on latest technologies will definitely impact their pay scale a lot.

Robotics and automation are the latest and the most highly trending technologies in industries such as manufacturing operations, aviation, and shipping companies, pharmaceutical and automobile industry, control systems, mining, and more!

They can create a niche career as Micro-Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer And Designer, Medical Robotics, Design And Control Experts, Robot Manipulators, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, Bio-Cybernetics Engineer, Computer Aided Manufacturing Designers and Architects, Air Traffic Management Systems Expert, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Digital Electronics And Micro-Processors Architect, Signal Processing Professionals, Robot Motion Planning Expert and even as a Computational Geometry Architect.

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