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Top 5 Rewarding Career Streams for Electrical Engineers

The Indian Electrical Equipment industry is all set to grow at a CAGR of around 12% reaching over $70 billion by the end of the year 2025. Right from the very beginning, electrical engineering has been one of the most sophisticated and respected job domains that attract thousands of students across the country. Every year in May or June, students try to seek admission to the best colleges for B Tech in Dehradun and other cities in India. Needless to say, electrical engineering has a large number of subdomains that offer a large number of career opportunities.

This blog attempts to shed light on some of the best career streams after you obtain a degree from any of the top B. Tech engineering colleges in Dehradun or any other part of the country.

1. Electrical Vehicles (EVs):

EVs is indeed a significant and rewarding career stream for Electrical Engineers. With the increasing demand for sustainable transportation and the shift towards electric mobility, the field of EVs offers excellent career opportunities for all those who have completed their degree from any of the best colleges for B. Tech in Dehradun. Electrical Engineers can contribute to various aspects of EV development and implementation, including:

  • Electric Powertrain Engineer
  • Battery Systems Engineer
  • Electric Vehicle Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Charging Infrastructure Engineer
  • Electric Vehicle Safety Engineer

The field of electrical vehicles is rapidly evolving, and there are numerous opportunities for Electrical Engineers to contribute to the advancement and adoption of electric mobility.

2. Renewable Energy Engineer 

The field of renewable energy engineering primarily deals with sustainable development and renewable energy resources, and it is considered to be the best career stream after electrical engineering for all those who have completed their degree from any of the best colleges for B. Tech in DehradunAs far as the job roles are concerned, as a Renewable Energy Engineer, you will be performing the following job duties:

  • Designing, and developing renewable energy systems
  • Implementing technologies that include solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal
  • Taking steps to mitigate the fatal impacts of climate change
  • Evaluating site-specific conditions
  • Determine the best options to cater to the energy needs of a particular building or community
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Overseeing construction and operation of different energy systems, and
  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

With the ever-rising demand for sustainable energy across the country and the world, the demand for qualified engineers is increasing day by day. As a renewable energy engineer, you can work in the following areas:

  • Wind energy industry
  • Solar energy industry
  • Hydro-electricity
  • Bio-energy, and
  • Energy efficiency industry.

3. Power Engineer

Power engineering is one of the most coveted job titles in the field of electrical engineering. Power engineers are the professionals who are responsible for designing, operating, and troubleshooting different frameworks that generate and use electricity. These individuals also make sure that all the operations in the power plants are running safely and efficiently along with taking care of electric grids and a large number of other systems. Apart from managing multiple projects, they also need to make sure that all the compliances are well met in a particular power unit. Assisting different teams and collaborating with various other third parties also form their job roles.

With a B. Tech Degree in hand, you can get a chance to work in the following subdomains of electrical engineering:

  • Power generation
  • Power distribution and transmission
  • Energy storage
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy management
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing, and
  • Construction.

4. Control Systems Engineer

Control Systems Engineer is also a well-known job title after you obtain a degree from any of the best Dehradun College of Engineering or any other part of the country. A control system engineer is an individual who generally designs, makes comprehensive analyses, and maintains different power systems that control the functioning of other systems that might including machines or even processes. These professionals make use of a unique combination of mathematics, physics, and a wide range of engineering principles intending to create and implement various control algorithms while optimizing system performance.

Some of the major responsibilities include the following:

  • Designing and developing control systems
  • Analyzing system requirements
  • Conducting testing
  • Overseeing commissioning control systems
  • Troubleshooting problems with the control system
  • Documenting the design created, and
  • Getting necessary approval to create and much more.

Control system engineers can work in a wide range of industries such as energy, robotics, aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. With the ever-growing demands for things such as cars, AI robots, and machinery, choosing to be a control system engineer is a great idea.

5. Research and Development Engineer 

If finding newer things in the field of engineering excites you, the field of Research and Development in the field of electrical engineering is one of the best careers you can opt for. A Research and Development Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and testing a wide range of new products, processes, and technologies as well. As an R&D engineer, you will also be conducting research, analyzing data, as well as developing different types of prototypes of new products. After getting all the necessary approvals, you will be working on the development with other team members and fellow engineers.

With a B. Tech Degree in hand earned from any of the best B. Tech engineering colleges in Dehradun or any other city in India, you will find an opportunity to work in the following industry verticals:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Customer goods
  • Energy industry
  • Chemical industry, and even
  • The healthcare industry.

Concluding Remarks

These are just a few examples of rewarding career streams for Electrical Engineers. The field of electrical engineering offers diverse opportunities in various industries, including energy, telecommunications, electronics, automation & robotics, and research. The only requirement is a degree earned from any of the best colleges in Dehradun B. Tech. Every year, an admission notice is released in almost all the national dailies by the reputed universities in the state of Uttarakhand. Those interested can seek admission by appearing for the admission test.

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