Ph. D. in Computer Science

PhD in Computer Science: an overview

The highest academic stratum in any field of study is recognized and accorded by earning the Philosophiae Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy; Ph. D.) degree. The idea of pursuing a Ph. D. in Computer Science has brushed through the minds of several engineering graduates, Computer Science enthusiasts, and IT professionals. In truth, a PhD in Computer Science is a rather rational choice for academicians willing to be indulged in research, work as a professor, or pursue the subject to the maximal level.

In the sphere of Computer Science academia, the doctorate follows a different syllabus, altogether. Several graduates have spoken about their course of study, and it can be astutely derived that candidates are provided with the opportunity of studying, researching, and solving the most paramount problems that face mankind. In fact, the Computer Science academia is potentially driving the world towards the technological singularity, or in layman’s terms, the intelligence explosion. The evolution of technology is progressing at an exponential rate because of the active research that is prevalent in academia; the Ph. D. holders in this particular domain have contributed to our world immensely through their strenuous research.

The doctorate degree, therefore, allows the academicians to thoroughly study their interest subject, participate in research, globally, and apply the procured knowledge in solving the most involute problems, at the apex of the domain.

Ph. D. in Computer Science at DIT University

The School of Computing at DIT University offers two doctoral programs in the aforementioned discipline:

  1. Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering
  2. Ph.D. in Computer Science

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The eligibility criteria to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science are usually common across universities. As per the criteria, the candidate must hold a Master’s degree in the relevant domain, along with a certain passing percentage in their prior degree. However, the criteria may vary owing to certain parameters.

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