Hidden Adobe in the Midst of Mussoorie Hills

Hidden Adobe in the Midst of Mussoorie Hills

In every walk of nature, you receive much more than what you hope for. On one such trip towards the Himalayas, I had a delightful experience. While I was enthralled with the cool rushing wind, lofty green trees and clean surroundings I came across a splendid area which was no less than a mystery fiction tale. To my surprise, I came to know that it was a University set up in the midst of the Dehradun Valley and Mussoorie hills. Dehradun is a city of education but I never thought that there could be an institute to which I would feel excited to go. Having completed my education from a metropolitan city where there were all types of facilities and entertainment options available I hardly attended any classes but this one seemed to fill in my

gap of motivation to spend time in the campus.

The infrastructure was well premeditated and designed in a non-boring manner unlike other institutes. After I explored the campus from inside it was difficult to find where it actually ends and you honestly don’t want it to end. It gave me a feel of a natural resort where you can see students chilling out. It was a perfect blend of professionally designed buildings and the different aspects of the nature. The campus has various widespread playing field where you can see happiness and enthusiasm on the faces of the students playing.

DIT University had some positive aura in it which attracted me to spend some more time knowing more about the University. The University is very spacious and is a home to many birds as well. There are innumerable hues of green when you take a look at the trees. You wouldn’t want to stay away from the University especially when it provides you with the hostel facility as well. To me it was my magical garden where you want to do everything like working out, hiking, walking, writing or maybe just being there. Staying at the University would mean that you will wake up to an unusual sunrise. Here you can start your day by sitting under a tree with a book or just by taking a walk in the world of woods. There is something unusual about the place where you feel refreshed just by gazing at the clouds playing in the sky, listening to the sounds of chirping birds and adoring the fragrance of the flowers around the building. Found myself so close to the grand mountains that seem to touch the sky and are still a minute away from the University. I never realized that there would be an artistic version of me but after visiting this place I felt the creativeness to draw, write or maybe post something like this one.


The best part of the place was its weather, the sun rays give you a cozy feel, the cool wind calms your soul and when you hear the heavy rain drops falling on the land you realize the diversity of the nature that we have been blessed with. With every breath that you take here it you feel more and more enriched. I will always hold on to the experience where you feel motivated to uncover the secrets of the nature.

Let’s continue to be awe-struck and visit places where nature has bestowed its best. It encourages you to explore the world and achieve what you are passionate about.

: Divya Rana, Delhi


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