Science and technology Festival

The Fourth Dehradun Science and Technology Festival Will Be Held at the DIT University, Dehradun

The poster for the event was launched by UKSSTF.

Professor Durgesh Pant, the Director-General of the Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology, and Professor G. Raghuram, the Vice Chancellor of the DIT University, jointly unveiled the poster for the Fourth Dehradun International Science and Technology Festival 2023.

On this occasion, Professor Durgesh Pant explained that this three-day science and technology festival is the largest event of its kind in Northern India. This year, the festival will be hosted by DIT University from October 27 to 29, 2023.

Professor Durgesh Pant stated that the Dehradun International Science and Technology Festival is a unique event in itself, which began in 2020 under the guidance of UKSSTF. The festival, spanning three days, includes more than 25 events, including the Green Energy Conclave, Agriculture and Technology Conclave, Rural Entrepreneurship and Startup Conclave, BioCon, FormaCon, Himalayan Education Leaders Conclave, and Teachers of the Year, in addition to science quizzes, math quizzes, science poster competitions, Meet the Scientist, Aeromodeling Workshop, Electronic Circuit Development Workshop, Magic of Math, Magic of Optical Science, Robotics Workshop, Cyber Security, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Global Warming and Climate Change, Science Fashion Show, and an After-School Convention for students.

A massive exhibition showcasing science and technology will also be a part of this event for the students of Computer Science Engineering, inviting participation from all government and non-government institutions, startups, innovators, and technology companies. Additionally, there will be a book exhibition featuring publications related to science, engineering, technology, agriculture, medical, and other subjects. A food festival will also be organized during this event.

Professor G. Raghuram, the Vice Chancellor of DIT University, the leading IT College in Dehradun expressed his pride and happiness that this year, the Dehradun Science and Technology Festival is being hosted on the premises of DIT University. The entire team of DIT University is dedicated to making this event a success and to introduce students from all schools in the Dehradun studying Bachelor of Science to various dimensions of science and technology, as well as the ongoing research and development in the field of science and technology.

Dr. D.P. Uniyal, the coordinator of the Dehradun Science and Technology and the Joint Director of UKSSTF, stated that the objective of this festival is to popularize science and technology. The primary aim is to develop a scientific perspective in the new generation through such events.

Over the past three years, this initiative has been very successful. This year, more than 150 educational institutions will be directly connected to this festival, and over 50,000 students of Information Technology Engineering and science enthusiasts will participate. It is worth noting that the Dehradun Science and Technology Festival is organized annually under the flagship of UKSSTF, primarily with the participation of organizations like ONGC, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, CSIR, and other departments of the state government.

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