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Factors to Consider When Choosing a University

There are a large number of ways to choose a college or university. Different people choose different educational institutions based on their priorities concerning location, safety, placement record, and financial feasibility. When choosing a university, it is immensely important to consider a few metrics to find the best university or college in Dehradun that suits you and your unique needs well. A metric is a measurement used to assess the quality of the attributes of something that can finally tell whether something is good or bad. This blog discusses in detail how you should make your move to find the top university in Uttarakhand:


While deciding on top Dehradun colleges and universities, take a closer look at the academics. It is necessary because academics matters much more than anything else. Make sure the university is offering the academic stream or discipline you are interested in. You also need to consider different variants related to that subject, which can be translated into different subdivisions or standalone programs. You also need to confirm all the details regarding admission to that particular program. Most universities often offer specializations at the postgraduate level. You can double-check the status in case you want to go for higher studies in the same subject.


Location plays a pivotal role either in making or breaking an educational institution. Top universities in Dehradun might be the first place you live away from your home for many years to come. In the British era, most educational institutions in the country were established in cool, calm, and serene locations intending to provide students with an ideally suitable learning environment. On this front, the city of Dehradun can be considered ideal on all parameters. During your university education, you live away from your friends, family, and other dear ones, and therefore, to fill that emotional gap, you need a location that can keep you always high-spirited.

The overall ambiance of the campus 

When you choose any of the top colleges in Dehradun, you spend a great amount of time there, apart from just studying. Therefore, the overall ambiance or look and feel of the campus is what can affect your mind and soul both positively and negatively. In all educational institutions, there is life after lectures and other sessions. The ambiance of the campus is what determines different facets of your personality through its lively and vibrant events, amenities, and facilities. Make sure the campus is rich enough in natural greenery, and athletics or recreation facilities.

Academic quality and reputation

India is a large country having thousands of universities and colleges across states and union territories. While seeking a college or university in any state, you must be very particular about the overall academic quality it offers and the reputation it has built or earned. Today, you are living in the age of the internet wherein nothing can be a secret, especially the reputation of a college or university. Just like you watch a movie after going through so many reviews on different platforms, you can carry out a review-research concerning the academic quality and reputation of the institution. Some universities and colleges are well known for delivering excellence in some particular streams or disciplines. You can check it for yourself.

Accreditation and due approvals 

Be it a college or university, accreditations and approvals are the most important criteria before concluding anything about an educational institution. Every year, the University Grants Commission releases a list of accredited colleges and universities through which you can check things for yourself. After all, you spend some precious years of your life earning a particular degree or diploma, and what if it has any recognition-related issues? There are multiple channels through which you can check things regarding accreditation and approvals apart from the university’s own website.

Career or placement services

In a developing country like India, the primary purpose of almost all the students going to a college or university is to find a job through which they can contribute to society and nation-building as well. Therefore, before concluding anything about an educational institution, you need to make sure that it has a dedicated placement cell or career service department offering comprehensive services. Career or placement services play a very vital role in launching the students’ careers. Some of the top roles played by the career or placement division include the following:

  • Establishing contacts with various start-ups and well-established companies across the country
  • Offering assistance in finding a best-fit job role
  • Co-op and internship-based placement
  • Job search preparation, and
  • On-campus job placement assistance.

Affordable cost of attendance

The cost of higher education in India is getting higher with each passing year, and this scares most students belonging to different academic backgrounds. At various times, this cost might have so many long-term implications on your life. Therefore, it is necessary to take a closer look at the fee structure of the educational institutions which you are going to choose. Some colleges and universities, especially private ones are also offering bank loan facilities to needy students in association with the country’s leading nationalized banks.

While searching for a college or university, you should always keep in mind that a higher fee structure is not the guarantee of quality education at all. Collectively, a large number of things matter when it comes to evaluating the stature of a college or university. So, think about all aspects related to fees and other expenses before finally joining the college or university.

Concluding Remarks

Located in the city of Dehradun, DIT University is designed to offer holistic education as per global standards. The university aims at enabling students to take on real-world challenges in the field they choose to work in. The University’s focus is always on the promotion of self-learning and honing talents to ensure the students experience holistic development. Offering a comprehensive range of programs across streams and disciplines, DIT University has impaneled some of the most competent and respected academicians hailing from IITs, and NITs as its faculty.

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