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Explore a Completely Different World After an English Honours Degree

India has always liked English since the British colonized it. The Indians consider it a ‘classy’ and ‘aristocratic’ language. Even after independence, the English language has maintained its ‘craze’ as the first language in several school boards and the second in the remainder. Because job prospects following English Honours have expanded, more students choose it after 12th.

English Honours is a three-year English literature undergraduate program. It’s pitiable that many students don’t know that an English Honours degree is about English literature, not English language. Many English Honours hopefuls take this course assuming it would improve their grammar, vocabulary, and spoken and written abilities. English Honours improves language abilities, however, the curriculum is considerably different from the English Language. In this degree course, students read works by famous authors from across the globe. This course includes novels, plays, poetry, prose, etc. to raise understanding of mankind and society, and offered by the top colleges in Dehradun for English Honours.

People may believe the course is about reading lots of books. It requires a rigorous reading of the books on the syllabus, but students must also critically think and analyze what they read, reach their own conclusions that may differ from others, and delve into each sentence so deeply that their unique perception shows in their papers. Most students today just read a few selected answer notes and write them down on paper and get good grades, but this course teaches students about ethics, morals, social consciousness, and humanity through literary works across genres.

Many students wonder what to do after English Honours! Many companies choose English Honours students for HR, Director, Editor, Content Writer, Relationship Manager, Marketing, and other positions. Some government and non-government institutions and colleges hire exclusively English Honours students as English faculty. One may pursue a Master’s degree in English Literature, Ph.D., Journalism and Mass Communications, or short-term courses like content writing, digital marketing, etc.

Let us explore literature’s relevance, how it improves lives, and its influence on society before addressing job alternatives following English Honours:

Students pursuing English language degrees in the best English Hons Colleges in Uttarakhand typically underestimate the relevance of English literature. Actually, literature is more than just writing. This art helps us grow morally, ethically, and socially. It extends beyond languages to improve our thinking, comprehension, interpretation, and assessment skills.

Literature Enhances Critical Thinking and Assessment

Literature helps students think critically and apply their knowledge to literary topics. Literary works are typically rhetorical. In this scenario, you must use critical thinking to determine the author’s intent. It would help you express your views and comprehend others’ as literary works frequently have several interpretations. Literature develops our thinking and evaluation skills and forces us to think in different dimensions.

Literature is the best way to peep into the past

Literary and historical connections are subtle. Literature from various eras depicts society, social concerns, individuals, their lifestyles, cultures, rituals and traditions, heroes and their contributions, emperors, etc. It shows how nature and the world have evolved. Our forebears, progenitors, and the genesis of the planet cannot be known without literature.

Literature Teaches about other Cultures

Many authors of different eras have authored a galore of books that portray modern culture in literature. Thus, we learn about other cultures, customs, rituals, and traditions. We may go deeper into our own culture, beliefs, and heritage and respect other faiths, civilizations, values, and morality. Literature helps us become human and respectful to others.

Literature Improves Language Skills– Spoken & Written

When we read a book, we learn numerous new words, phrases, idioms, and other language decorations. By embracing new terms, we may expand our creative vocabulary. We also learn grammar. Sometimes comprehensive reading helps with spoken fluency. Reading improves writing abilities too. Daily article reading eliminates certain grammatical and vocabulary errors.

Literature Reflects Humanity

Literature reflects life. Human tragedies, wants, pains, emotions, attitudes, and lifestyles lead to bodily manifestations. Films depict literature visually. A 3-hour visual depiction is less detailed than books. Literature requires more critical and analytical skills to understand. Literature links people and depicts reality via art. Since civilization began, the world has evolved, yet literature has always been important.

Career Paths after earning a degree in literature from any of the the BA English Honours college:


An English Honours graduate is ideal for journalism since it involves analytical, aware, and communicative abilities. Your training will help you write, edit, and broadcast news.

Mass Media

Mass Communication includes journalism, filmmaking, editing, PR, advertising, copywriting, media planning, broadcasting, and more. English grads love this diverse area that lets you select your specialization.

Public Relations

Another wonderful choice for English grads is public relations, which entails presenting your company/client’s best side. Public relations professionals produce press articles, organize press releases, find PR opportunities, design PR campaigns, etc.


The right mix of creativity, communication skills, and commercial savviness, marketing and advertising generate product interest and brand reach. Your undergraduate degree will provide you with excellent communication skills that will help you advance your career.

Digital/Social Media Marketing

Digital and social media marketing are growing as businesses seek to grab consumers online. You may use your creativity and communication abilities to produce content, create compelling campaigns, and design social media and other digital marketing strategies as an English Hons. Graduate.

Blogging and Content Writing

If you can write effectively and connect with an audience, you can work in these industries. Blogging is more flexible than content writing, which is brand-focused. Write about whatever you love—fashion, technology, animals, etc.

Concluding Remarks

Graduates of social sciences and arts can have several job prospects across fields and industries. Students have great latitude in these streams to pursue their career interests. Candidates from different fields are switching to social sciences due to its breadth. A degree in English Literature goes beyond reading and analyzing books. Although it skips grammar and vocabulary, it covers literary traditions, strategies, and critical thinking.

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