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Education At DIT University

DIT University provides a range of courses since twenty years and is formed to be the epitome of brilliance for training, research, and development in science, engineering, architecture and much more. There are postgraduates, undergraduates and diploma courses which are designed and delivered by industry experts. We also offer short term certificate programs for students to prepare them for vocational and professional life.

We have B Tech in Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, information technology, computer science engineering, petroleum engineering, and electronics & communications. The specialization ranges from technical courses in engineering, architecture, pharmacy to management and honors degree.

Our well-designed content only covers the key facts that our students will be required to use in the future. We do not believe in teaching lengthy and irrelevant study material to showcase extensity. In fact, we focus on imparting practical knowledge by establishing labs where research and consultancy work is carried out. There are industrial training and projects for all BTech students. Civil engineering students are free to put on their innovative ideas on the table related to construction and maintenance. In mechanical engineering, in-depth knowledge of transport, health care, robotics, automobile, and power sector is conveyed. Advanced automotive systems, intellectual skills, practical and professional skills and how a project is framed and executed are the expertise of mechanical engineering students. Additionally, they design new products and production process, solve engineering problems assisted by IC engineering labs, CAD labs, FMS labs and more.

Vedanta (Department of Computer Science Engineering), DIT University

Information Technology opens a horizon to gain facts about web information, software engineering, computer graphics program with special focus on LINUX, DBMS modeling, C++, Java. It is useful for students who look for a future in Health care, aviation, education, manufacturing, and telecom. For our students whose interests lie in production & power distribution, construction, transportation, computing circuits and designing calculus electronics engineering is the apt course. This Department actively promotes the development of curriculum by updating existing courses, developing new courses and preparing resource material for teaching. It has a number of research projects and sponsored by public and private sector organizations.

Our electronics and communication course lay attention on optical communication, Image processing, wireless technology, aeronautics and military fields, digital systems creation, VLSI and many more subjects for which there is an unmatchable demand in the industry. We have not left any stone unturned, when it comes to creating a combination of various scopes in the field of engineering be it setting up of new cities, creation of airports, public health engineering. Oil & gas, refining industry, simulation, reservoir engineering, etc. Our former students are already working as pioneers for the same.

We have not restricted our education to engineering, we also offer courses like architecture and interior designing, pharmacy, computer applications, and human and social science.

Vastu, Faculty of Architecture, DIT University

Architecture is an art of creating an aesthetic emotion and it is not just about the beauty of its outcome but also, its foundation. Taking pride in offering this program, for the creative individuals in our society, we ensure there are proper grooming and vibrant expert interaction. There are numerable on-site activities that give them a free hand to deliver results as we have networked with Archaeological Survey of India, Indian Remote Sensing Institute and more. The interior designer program has scope in residential accommodation, workplaces settings, temporary designing, commercial centers, leisure, hospitality, education, healthcare and many more. This type, of course, gives equal opportunities to an individual either to work independently or work with an established organization. The career prospects are huge in this field and the salary scope is very high, thus making it a very attractive field to enter. With the kind of advancement in this, one may start off as a junior designer and end up as a partner in a firm. Apart from that, it gives you the freedom to be a ‘creative genius’ and run wild. Faculty of Architecture, DIT University has been ranked 6th in India by GHRDC

Artificial Intelligence is something which has gained a lot of popularity is decent decades. We train our students of computer applications in Website development, software development and have a tie-up with Oracle University which gives them real-world experience. Our alumni are now working as Application developers, web developers, UX designers, lead developers, and project managers.

The medical stream is renowned for pouring endless jobs in the market and we contribute our little bit by offering pharmacy courses. This widens the scope to serve in hospitals, government sectors, community after getting relevant know-how of drug interaction, human anatomy, herbal drug technology, and many others. An extensive hospital training is given to inculcate a tough and ethical attitude required. The laboratories are well-equipped and functional for the students to practice. Our students have a good placement record in various departments namely R&D, Chemical drug analytics, research officer, pathology lab and more. Our learners are trained to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines.

In addition to the above, the university offers BSc. Course in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Actuarial Science and analytics. The methodology is designed at a global level and our scholars who pursue it are competitive in the modern business. Innumerable research practice, societies, and clubs have been initiated by the students themselves who understand the needs of the platform. Especially the Actuarial Science and Analytics course is rarely found in any other college in and around the city and gives the students a leading edge over others in terms of statistical knowledge and assessing financial risks.

Visvesvarya, Department of Civil Engineering, DIT University

After casing all other departments, we also offer humanities courses that add to the range of courses presented by the university. We have honors programs in English, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology. Education designing is done in an innovative manner to make sure that our scholars retain knowledge. Our university pupils have always fared better in the selection process as compared to students. Owing to which our English honors students are working with big media houses as writers, event managers, PROs, advertising and marketing experts and not only sticking to the regular fields of teaching and training. There are well-known psychologists who have done psychology honors from DIT University and are practicing in reputed hospitals or are a part of leading research events. Sociology is not taught in the traditional style but there are live social issues that are discussed in. Case studies, in house activities and getting to know the different sections of the society are part of the curriculum.

With an aim to present all types of courses we keep upgrading our resource material. We also come up with advanced special courses from time to time and continue giving refreshers for the same. To upskill the talent, we make additions to the content through which we impart awareness. As a leading university, we have emerged as a path-breaker nationally and globally in the empire of education.

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