Doctorate In Civil Engineering

Doctorate In Civil Engineering

A doctorate in Civil Engineering is a preferred choice among technical graduates from the same discipline or otherwise. Most of the academicians who enrol on the course, aim for research. However, a significant proportion of civil engineers choose to work in specialized sub-domains such as safety engineering which involves estimation of insurance losses during a man-made or natural catastrophe, advanced safety analysis, structural endurance planning, et cetera.

Of all the popular misbeliefs about the Civil Engineering industry, the most common is the perception that Civil Engineering does not involve practical concepts from various intriguing domains such as Mathematics and Computer Science. Although, the truth is that the greater part of what incorporates the Computer Science domain was earlier effectuated through Civil Engineering.

The future of Civil Engineering as described by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the Mega City concept from the Future World Vision. The Future World Vision describes the plausible idea of a Mega City (currently being researched), where the evolution of infrastructure and construction would be beyond imagination. This concept lays out the future for those working or willing to make a career in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering at DIT University**

**The School of Engineering & Technology, DIT University is the best college to pursue civil engineering in Uttarakhand. The Department of Civil Engineering at DIT University offers the following programs:

  1. B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  2. M.Tech in Civil Engineering (specialization in Structural Engineering)
  3. Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

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The Department of Civil Engineering is also home to two centers of excellence, established to promulgate premium technical education, to equip the graduates with enough proficiency to resolve any problem that may come their way in their professional careers. The two COEs are:

  1. Centre of Excellence in Land, Air, and Water (LAW)
  2. DISA Lab (Data Interpretation and Spatial Analysis) under the sponsored project of DST SERB

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The University has been renowned among the best engineering colleges in Uttarakhand for several years now. In fact, the University has recently been acclaimed as the best university in Uttarakhand to pursue engineering, in the Outlook- ICARE rankings for the year 2022.

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