DIT University is the first in Uttarakhand to receive QS IGAUGE E-LEAD certification

DIT University is the first in Uttarakhand to receive QS IGAUGE E-LEAD certification

As India has already been evolving with immense technological advancements in the space of e-learning, Indian institutions never faced the urgency to go 100% online. But during this threat of COVID-19, while India is following a strict lockdown guideline, all of its institutions have been hit hard with immediate closure and the need to transform hundreds of their brick and mortar classrooms into virtual ones.

Subsequently, the institutions immediately made plans to continue imparting knowledge to their students through online teaching methods, wherein DIT University, one of the top engineering colleges in Dehradun adopted an innovative e-learning process.

Comprehending the need of promoting virtual education in India and applauding the institutions who are diligently practising it, QS – the global rankings and ratings agency, through its India arm, QS IGAUGE immediately deployed its best teams to create a global best practices document and methodology. This aimed towards doing a readiness check of institutions in India in adopting technology and technology enabled services for online teaching.

While DIT University took the initiative of running online classes hand-on-time, their preparedness of educating the students amidst COVID-19 crisis has made them a leading university in exceptional teaching methods.

DIT University is the first in Uttarakhand to receive QS IGAUGE E-LEAD certification
DIT University – First in Uttarakhand to receive QS IGAUGE E-LEAD certification

DIT University has become the first in Uttarakhand and amongst 12 other institutions at national level to be awarded with QS IGAUGE E-LEAD (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation) certification for displaying expertise in leveraging world-class practices to help students learn, grow and strengthen their knowledge base even during the times of severe crisis. With an astounding score of 145/150, the university has successfully proved its best practices in Information-Technology.

Despite the pandemic caused by corona virus, DIT is utilizing its expertise in imparting the best e-learning methods for their 51 unique programmes ranging from engineering and architecture to pharmacy, liberal arts & humanities and applied sciences.

QS IGAUGE E-LEAD (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation) Certification

The process of achieving this certification involved a rigorous analysis as per the methodology, wherein data collection, evaluation and assessment of performance metrics of DIT University was thoroughly reviewed by experts from the higher education domain. Though it wasn’t a cake walk to make through this award, DIT faculties and administration ensured to never take a chance with the education of their students.

Having received QS IGAUGE E-LEAD certification, DIT University has set a global benchmark in the way they are utterly dedicated towards innovatively conducting online teaching and learning for the students. This is a validation of the university’s preparedness and dedication towards developing their students’ future through providing them with best e-learning solutions even during the times of severe pandemic.

With us, learning becomes innovative and interesting, but never stops, no matter the situation. Certainly, our e-learning methods for the students have made us a leading university to help the young generation soar high without any panic.

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