Contentment of studying in the historic city of Dehradun with DIT University!

Contentment of studying in the historic city of Dehradun with DIT University!

Since time immemorial, Dehradun had been famous for its scenic beauty and the tranquility of mountains surrounding this mesmerizing valley. Though the rapid buzz of urbanization, growing traffic and commercialization have transformed the city into a fast-paced one, yet its old-warm charm seems to have never lost. Being a doorway to the Himalayas, the way Dehradun helps us explore an amazing world full of lofty green trees and a peaceful environment, the city had been a major attraction for students that hail from all over India to study in this lap of nature. And unlike other mountainous cities which made tourism as their USP, Dehradun has rather utilized its enthralling nature as an asset to provide the best education.

Dehradun Railway Station

But it is not alone the chirping of birds and the aura of Basmati fields that have made Dehradun earn its special name amongst the most beautiful cities of India. There is something more unique that the world has rarely known and it is certainly the historic significance of Dehradun city. The capital of Uttarakhand has preserved in its surrounding areas few evidences like ancient temples and idols which link to the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, having its existence since the times of Treta and Dvapara Yuga as per the Hindu mythology. Dehradun itself derives its name from the historical fact that Ram Rai, the eldest son of the Seventh Sikh Guru Har Rai, set up his camp in Doon in 1676. None the less, but even the Battle of Nalapani, the first battle of the Anglo-Nepalese War of 1814–1816 took place around the Nalapani fort near Dehradun.

Over years as the city has been evolving into a more smarter and populated one, education has become its great suite. Though it was the Britishers and the Christian missionaries who established the first-ever schools in Dehradun, the universities and institutions that have come up with time are successfully delivering world-class students. Imagine escaping the hustle-bustle of those huge metropolitan cities and relishing a student life where your each day is nurtured by fresh air midst invigorating greenery and spellbound mountains. Moreover, you get the opportunity to explore your books while living in a city that itself has several books written on its historical importance.

And amid all this wondering, DIT University, ranked amongst the top engineering colleges in India is successfully shouldering the responsibility of carrying ahead the pride of their Dehradun city by producing most brilliant and industry-fit professionals.

With more than twenty-two years of academic excellence, DIT University is setting examples of brilliance with its wide range of post-graduate, under-graduate, doctoral and diploma programs. Our industry expert faculties ensure delivering a type of education that does not confine the students just to their classrooms, but also helps them learn and get inspired by the world outside. Therefore, focusing firmly on the importance of nature in shaping a better student life at DIT University, we have our campus built on the foothills of Mussoorie. There is undeniably a special magic that one would feel while walking around our buildings that are running around 50 courses ranging from several Engineering streams to Pharmacy, B.A. Honours and B.Sc. Honours.

The serene campus of DIT University

As psychologists and health researchers have been finding more about science-backed reasons of how studying amid the nature helps with better results, DIT is constantly working towards developing an aura that is extremely calm for the students to get rid of a hectic schedule. Moreover, with an approach of holistic quality education we train and nurture our students for attaining a well-versed career right from the first year of their program. For us, the dreams of our students aren’t mere aspirations, but plans that have to be executed and cherished with potential results in due course of time. And why not, after-all our students are not alone a pride for DIT fraternity, but an essential asset to the entire nation and the globe as well.

Alongside, as we innovatively progress and empower our knowledge-transfer pattern with each passing year, we welcome students from all over the world to experience top-class education in an abode that is magical in ways one would never stop exploring. So, if you too have been worried about selecting the best institute for developing your career, Dehradun has its arms wide open to lead your way towards DIT University.

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